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Meaning of the map of Jerusalem

When Jerusalem and Masjid al-Aqsa are in question, we need to watch carefully Israel's every move. For example, like contemplating over what the removal of Muslim and Christian religious and historical sites from the new map of Jerusalem printed by t... more

It wasn't only Ali's body that was buried

Muhammad Ali's death is still being talked throughout the world. He has become an important icon that brings together people of all walks of life through his life, his struggle and his messages. Interestingly enough, all media organizations, from the... more

The fear that draws Damascus and Ankara closer

There are recent statements indicating that Turkey and the Syrian Baath regime are changing their policies in order to restore their ties. The Syrian civil war is now in a deadlock in which neither side is able to achieve complete victory. Besides, i... more

Gaza cannot normalize Israel

The issue of fixing relations with Israel has not been on the agenda because of the heat of internal politics. Although there hasn't been an official agreement, it is evident that discussions are happening behind closed doors. It is evident from leak... more

Iraq: Summary of history and geography or Kut-ul Amara

It is not a coincidence that we are forced to keep away from what is native in exchange for every alliance we have entered with the West in our recent political history. The Kut-ul Amara Victory, which we have been able to remember again on the occas... more

While Obama knocks on the Queen's door...

US President Barack Obama, who came to Saudi Arabia for the Gulf countries summit, went from the King's country to the Queen's island. Even this similitude is enough to explain a great deal. There is no need to repeat that the last strategic area the... more

To make a 'Faisal' out of King Salman

Some people might be likening the Saudi King's giving a cold shoulder to US President Barack Obama to King Faisal's attitude during the oil embargo. As we can all remember, King Faisal was assassinated during a time the Saudi dynasty was under US pro... more

New areas of war: Information pits

In recent years, as the content of secret documents leaked to the Internet gradually diversified, it has begun to affect our lives.When the content of the spilled documents and the way it emerged was seen, many of us were not yet aware to what extent... more

Turkish Islamism vs. Kurdish Islamism?

Turkey has deep wounds; there are both political and historical roots for this pain. The traumas encountered are actually the abdication of reason that comes after a civilization trauma. This period can be read as the story of putting on the straitja... more

Turkey's image issue

Global power centers like the US determine the position, effectiveness and even the dignity of countries like Turkey, which have limited power and coverage area. It does not matter whether your country is heaven for your citizens, the important thing... more

Europe accused of genocide

While a nation was being massacred during a time “at the end of history” in Bosnia, there were those who complained that European values were massacred. Yes, there really was a massacre, even a genocide, happening in the heart of the European civiliz... more

Who attacked the 'heart of Europe?

The address pointed at after the Belgium attacks is significant. Europe's heart was bombed. In this case, those who attacked Europe's heart came from the heart of Islam. It is a reality that bombs exploded in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. But the... more

Military activity in Tunisia increasing

As Tunisia, which is considered the sole success story of the Arab Spring, becomes more and more democratized, the country's military power increases. Although this seems like a complete paradox, it actually shows one of the basic dynamics in how the... more


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