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Extending an olive branch to capitalism

The uprooting of olive trees is unlike the uprooting of any other tree. This ancient tree that grows in the Mediterranean region is mentioned in the Quran, along with the fig tree. Those that know nature is something that Allah has given us for safe ... more

Bracketing Turkey in the Tunisia parenthesis

Nowadays, an interesting Tunisia-Turkey analogy is being made not only in between the Turkish secular and conservative environments, but also in the politics-making centers, and predominantly in the Western media and academicians. Tunisia, the countr... more

Israel’s timing strategy

The Zionist boots, which presses on and oppresses Palestinians every day, had penetrated Mescid-i Aksa. It is being mentioned that this is a first, after the invasion of Jerusalem by the soldiers under control of the one-eyed Moşe Dayan. It is not cl... more

USA’s new Pearl Harbor?

It is beneficial to think about the rise of the Republicans in the mid-term American elections together with the intensifying violence spiral in the Middle East. It is important to think about how the possible Republican rulership will approach the r... more

The iconization of values

In this country the proponent of a value has to die before it can be appreciated. Die first and then be recognized! Regardless of the worldview being hailed, their proponents are only valued after their death. Whether it is the field of thought or ar... more

Extracting Stalingrad out of Kobane

Just when it looked like we were getting closer to a solution as part of the reconciliation process, an atmosphere was generated all of a sudden that points to a situation where everything has come to an end. Or the intention is that we come to such ... more

Without being captive to any expression

Ending every war is an agreement; thus this settles post-war balances. The Cold War had ended, but there had been no agreement that finished the war. Because of this, the de facto single-poled world order will be causing regional layouts and powers t... more

Ask me the correct question

It looks like the East-West argument will be rekindled once again. What constantly meddles in people’s minds like a “horse fly”, which is the description from Peyami Safa, and is frequently discussed is actually a civilization face-off.It was inevita... more

If imperial civilization returns to the Middle East

We are turning back the clock in the Middle East and this return is bringing us to the showdown that history has made inevitable for us. Looking at the state of affairs, this is an undesirable return. The return in question is not one that suits the ... more

From Reactionism to Islamism...

At the first glance the news seems interesting and quite innocent. German Prime Minister Merkel has stated that Muslims and Islamists should be distinguished from each other and added, “We are against Islamists, not Muslims.”How consistent isn’t it?I... more

The process and two separate areas of fracture

The optimistic and calm period that began with the announcement of the reconciliation process has suddenly given way to one engulfed in flames and filled with bloodshed. The optimistic and calm period was one where the left-liberal-nationalist allian... more

I’m defending the existence judgment

With a deliberate perception method, religionist expression rhetoric had been placed into ISIL’s hand. The Islam and politics relation, radical “religionism”, and everything related with Islamism had been on the head-chopping metaphor, which appears ... more

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the “Biden System”?

American Vice President Biden’s frequent statements, which can be regarded as tactlessness in a diplomatic sense, can suggest the “Who are administering such a giant force?” question at the first glance. What could have been the explanation of partia... more


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