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Did Trump deceive his voters?

Surely the perception management of the media is very important in people being astonished with Trump being elected the new American President. The one- sided lynch campaigns of the media organizations have misled the analyses made outside America.

The actual misleading criterion in our minds at the end of the election was the American image. It is the deception of those who don't want to wake up from an American dream; the perception of the linear relationship between the American political and social values and power. The spellbinding power of the independence, the capitalism of Democracy, pluralism, attempt and competition.... The deception that world power is heaven on earth and that it is unconditionally good and right...

The deception is made up of the belief that the American system is so coherent and powerful that it will not fall for such a vandal and racist discourse.

One of the main deceptions is that they overlook the fact that the absolutized Western measures of advanced democracy have a hidden totalitarianism in them...

That the democratic modeling shown as the brightest example of political awareness has fundamentally produced political alienation and that it has not been confessed that it has become invalid from the start with this alienation, is also the dilemma of political theorists. The result does not point to a new situation and this is not a structural problem reserved for the U.S. alone. This deep paradox is also valid for the Europeans who see themselves as having the right to dictate a standard setting for other societies.

Comparing the percentage of those voting in a Western democracy to the percentage the winner achieved against the general population is enough to understand that democratic systems are actually reduced to an effective minority group determining the administrations of capital, media and the society.

Donald J. Trump's promises which destroy the universal values the West has made us memorize for years and him winning the election with these promises have two contradictory structural problems. The first is: The American dream has already turned into a nightmare. No one is stressing on the meaning of this racist, discriminatory, alienating, islamophobic rhetoric being supported to such an extent. This should be an alarm for a system that gets its power and charm from its intellectual and cultural diversity. Such marginal reactions overtaking the center indicate that there is marginalization socially and politically. One of the main reasons of this is the decrease of economic indicators. This situation shows that America has lost its capacity to determine the world system. It can at least be interpreted as the loss of social self-confidence.

Although the U.S. still holds its position of being the greatest economic and military power, it can be said that it is losing its validity in the psychology of the society and its political reflection. We are face to face with the political results of a system/society, which argues that it gets its power from universal human rights and values, not taking these values serious. The issue becomes even more serious when we know that millions of people throughout the world, who did not even vote in these elections, will be affected by the consequences. For example, the future of the Middle East will be determined with the votes of one-quarter of the U.S. population. The second deceiving point about the election is the political practice that comes out of the established order and system.

How many of his promises will Trump, who garnered votes by scratching social problems, actualize in reality? It is sure he will forget most of his statements when he comes into power. For example, his promise to deny entry to all Muslims in a speech he made on Oct. 7, 2016. How can he actualize this Islamophobic promise, which his voters took seriously? We should note that these statements were removed from his website the day he was elected president. This hate speech receiving support and the removal of these statements should be discussed further.

This means basic strategic tendencies will not change with political administrations in the U.S., which is still the main determinant of the world system in terms of its institutions, military and economic power. Just like Obama not changing his Afghanistan, Iraq and Middle East politics despite his peace statements. Trump too will have to apply the main strategies of this system. His political choices will have to be in line with this reality as well.


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