ISIL and coalition….

What's happening and what's supposed to happen are once again fluttering about in opposite directions. While it's necessary to band together against terrorism and violence, forget about the differences, put the political arguments aside and come together (just as it happened in many countries like Spain and recently France) after the Suruç attack, the contrary is happening. Political actors are blaming each other, and following the contribution of the press' conflicting attitude, the platform of the coalition negotiations are being vandalized in this way.

This is what's happening…

As for what's supposed to happen; a quick and immediate reconciliation between AK Party and CHP. These two parties will be a bridge between two different sociological and political masses, while the coalition will be the greatest challenge and guarantee against violence. The ISIL matter, which will be put into the center of this reconciliation, is extremely suitable to be turned into one of the legs of the reconciliation in foreign policies.

Following the Suruç incident, it was revealed that the government's view on the region requires a revision. Which one requires revision; politics or evaluation?

In a briefing, which I've also attended, given to the journalist by a senior official, the ISIL threat, from the point of the government, was being related with the possibility of this organization's attack on Syria's Northwest region, where 4 million people are residing and which has high population density. The possible migration wave, which might be revealed after such an attack, was evaluated as a situation Turkey will not be able to carry through and the pursuit for a safe zone was being justified in this way. Besides, the “senior official” was explaining the directive given to the army, on the matter of fighting against ISIL, saying that within the context of this conflict they are identifying the forces against ISIL as friendly elements, and talking about Turkey's support with certain examples. However, while Ruşen Çakır's “Is Turkey entering ISIL's action field?” question on that day was left unanswered by the senior official, ISIL was being identified with foreign factors in terms of their structure and objectives. In a sense ISIL's temporary quality was being underlined, and moreover, he was saying that ISIL's structuring within Turkey is meaningless…

As for the Suruç attack; it presented the necessity of openly approaching the two matters in the opposite direction of the “things being said” and discussing them.

1.The threat presented by ISIL is not only limited with the migration wave. With their publications, broadcasts and statements, ISIL is an organization that is gradually steering towards Turkey and pointing at the conquering of Istanbul.

2.As a jihad movement, ISIL is pointing at a new wave and forming a serious attraction center. This situation is seriously affecting Turkey also. On the contrary, to the assumptions and rumors, ISIL's structuring in Turkey is at a level that cannot be underestimated.

In these aspects, I'd once again like to draw your attention to Prof. Dr. Serhat Erkmen's words I've used as a reference yesterday;

“In the same way how ISIL became a center of attention in the region and world within two years, they also became a center of attention within Turkey at the same pace. When we take the fighters, who are travelling from Turkey to Syria and Iraq in order to join the jihad, their accompanying families, in other words, immigrants and the mass that support them logistically etc., into consideration, we can see that the number of people that went there and the number of people who went and returned within the past three years is close to 10,000 people in total. Seventy percent of the participants from Turkey are directed at ISIL. This number doesn't only include the armed people, but also their accompanying families and the segments that provide them with logistic support. The “families” aspect is a fact that hasn't been spoken about until now. More than half of the people that went there, around 60%, consist of families…”

The coalition is an opportunity for Turkey to take the resolution process seriously, review their Rojawa policy and take ISIL seriously.

This situation is also an occasion for the formation of a coalition.

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ISIL and coalition….
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