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Kurdish politics and ‘three risks'

The recent incidents should bear some meaning from the angle of the Kurdish political movement. If we are to look beyond this organization’s strategy carried out against the state, the question “What do the ‘Kobane incidents’ represent for Kurdish po... more

Have we survived the crisis?

The forthcoming days will be answering this question.Signals are bidirectional.On one hand, there are some positive cues, even though limited, that are related with the road map of the resolution process. There is a prepared document, which predicts ... more

​What will happen to the Resolution Process?

We had experienced the heavy crisis of the internal conflicts of the Resolution Process through acts of violence that turned Turkey upside down. In my recent article, I had said the following:“The authority void in Syria had provided a platform for t... more

Why violence?

No justification, economical, sociological, political explanation can verify the terror. In exchange for that, also, the violence and the experienced terror cannot prevent questions about the sources of terror being asked and these questions being qu... more

The subconscious of the Kemalist

Sometimes it is good to repeat things. Considering the debates around the veil and school nowadays and the given references to secularism, it becomes significant to get rid of the political authority obsession and talk about the progress the country ... more

​I wish we were aware

One of the indicative communal breakings in Turkey, maybe the most prominent, is the one related with the “life style”. The secular identity – religionist identity antagonism, the East – West disintegration, Westernization and indigenousness, this “c... more

The line of bearing

Time is cruel; it causes everyone to grow old and leaves him or her behind. Time showed its cruelty in the 80s to the center right in Turkey. It’s noteworthy to remember why ANAP and DYP effaced from the surface of history. The key word is “change”. ... more

​Two issues: Sunni politics and the Kurdish problem

There are two great regional problems, which interests Turkey and will leave a mark on the Middle East in every sense during the forthcoming years.The first one is the “Sunni politics”.This issue, which presented itself with the Arab Spring, is point... more


Turkey’s foreign policy is passing through an important exam. Even though this exam seems to only be related with the region’s equilibriums and Turkey’s benefits at the first glance, at the same time, it is also closely related with the Turkish polit... more

Is Turkey against ISIL? What should Turkey do?

The “Why can’t AK Party, government, Erdoğan state that ISIL as terrorist” sentence is one of the most frequent sentences that has been used in columns, TV and political conversations.Two days ago, Prime Minister Davutoğlu has reminded us:“We had dec... more

​Even excessiveness has a limit...

The rescue of 49 hostages from ISIL is not only a talent, but also a political accomplishment.In this story, politically, there isn’t anything more crucial than the rescue of the citizens from the hands of ISIL and having them returned to Turkey safe... more

​Old and deep issue: HSYK

 Since the September 12 Constitution, HSYK (The Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors) or the independence of judiciary has never been off the agenda of politics.The essential issue in the 2010 referendum was also the structure of the judiciary and... more

The obligatory religion class must be banned

The question of education and how to raise a generation has always been the most controversial and rigidly debated topics of societies. The initial questions, such as what kind of a generation we will raise or what kind of an education system we will... more


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