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New York Times, our people, coup tempo

 ISIS is advancing as a “violence-spreading gang” and swiftly snowballing into one of biggest problems of the region, world and Muslim Turkey.Cursing at such an organization and asking for precautions are easy.The hard thing is figuring out how to de... more

Where were we? Where are we? Where are we going?

I had always emphasized in this column that no community can be managed or live for a time with a civilization project, which didn''t belong to them and didn"t emerge from their structure. On top of that, every community, sooner or later, will produc... more

May it give them strength and, also, respects to Hrant….

A couple of weeks after Hrant had been shot and killed in January 2007, his family and friends had decided on establishing the Hrant Dink Foundation.This foundation left its signature on many important tasks in the direction of peace, living together... more

Coping with anger

All the reforms and the progress taken so far cannot simply change the social fabric. Looking from a certain angle, we might say that the community kind of social fabric is the most significant sociological data and the biggest political problem in T... more

Should Turkey join the coalition?

Obama announced his fight strategy against ISIL. The first step in the strategy is the systematic airstrikes. The second step is the support to opposing powers. The third step is the prevention of economic, intelligence and warriors" intervention. As... more

Is the resolution process able to shoulder democracy?

Turkey"s Kurdish question has a different aspect comparing it to England"s Northern Ireland question or Spain"s question of the Basque France"s question of Corsica. There is a set of requirements to re-consider the revision of the betterment and the... more

Three political focuses…

There are three important matters in front of the period defined as New Turkey by the new government, AK Party.The first one is the economy issue.One the prominent matters that kept AK Party in the ruling party position for the past 12 years is their... more

A matter of life and death

Work accidents are haunting our country like a dreadful nightmare. It hasn''t even been a year since the horrible accident took place in Soma. A few days ago, an indescribably terrible accident took place in a luxurious apartment construction in Ista... more

What kind of a democracy, what kind of Turkey?

Turkey is on the verge of entering a new period with Tayyip Erdogan"s Presidency. As in every matter, we are experiencing a heavy polarization with expectations and guesses.While on one hand, there are people, who are waiting for Turkey to go to new ... more

Gül issue and the power policy

When Tayyip Erdogan steps up to Çankaya, he wants to work with a name who he will be more compatible within the frame of the new administration style. And this name is shaping up to be Ahmet Davutoglu via his representation power, experience and comp... more

Towards the Prime Minister Davutoğlu….

Who will be the Prime Minister? AK party is trying to find an answer to this with consultations. However, the preferences of the board members, whose advice was sought, had been directed by the AK Party office or leader considerably. Yet, in the new ... more

A little bit of politics for us too

Let us change the scope of the politics today, by turning our eyes from the politics in Ankara to the politics in the neighborhood. Let us set a question as" What happens if the water doesn"t spring from the fountains of Istanbul?" In fact, it is Mik... more

Politics within AK Party and Erdoğan"s strategy

The AK Party story, which started in November 2003 with 34%, is still continuing with 52% in August 2014…AK Party had been the unrivaled ruling party for 12 years. They had won their ninth elections by far and, aside from tiny declines, they are adva... more


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