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Where is the Kurdish issue going?

The Kurdish issue is a paradox for some and at the same rate it''s not believable. But this is obvious: In the forthcoming period, the Kurdish issue will play a bigger role in the democratic arguments in Turkey more than ever.What is seen on the hori... more

Israel and Jews…

They are still striking.Israel is mercilessly hitting civilians, women, and children.Meanwhile, the world is observing.Arabs are included.At least against this violence, Turkey became one body. While talking about the massacre; foreign affairs is usi... more

The shame regime

The roadway is 40 km long and 6 km wide. Around 1,800 people have been squeezed into this roadway, because it is blockaded from both land and sea. There are almost no entrances or exits: no help, no support. Even to go fishing, you need to ask permis... more

"Bread" dough without politics…

Because of its geographic position and ancient burden, Turkey is a difficult country which is open to crises… In the sense of communal fabric, Turkey is a country with a high dose of fragility… This is a realm, where different communal fabrics can li... more

The Erdoğan obsession and its two different faces…

Extreme "politization", which forms a tyranny over the society, idea and cultural existence, is some kind of a "depolitization" that rips politics from society. Turkey always presents evidences of this and at every level.Extreme politicization create... more

Demirtaş: The birth of new politics…

After Ihsanoglu and Erdogan, yesterday it was HDP"s presidential candidate Demirtas"s turn to announce his perspective statement. The statement called "New Life Call", was explaining the "principles, suggestions, policies sequence" that Demirtas will... more

The young doctor candidate in Rojawa…

Today I will fulfill a request, which I regard as meaningful and important.I"m leaving my column to a reader, to Seyfettin Ayhan. I hope his words and voice reaches somewhere.He wrote as follows:"I will be telling you my sister"s story. I want you to... more

Erdoğan"s new Turkey definition...

After Ihsanoglu, yesterday, it was Tayyip Erdogan"s turn to announce his vision statement.This time we weren"t facing a leader candidate, whom we were trying to learn who he was or what he was going to do. Instead, we had in front us a politician, wh... more

Ihsanoğlu, an anti-Erdoğan project

CHP"s and MHP"s presidential candidate Ekmelledin Ihsanoglu had presented his vision statement to the media, answered journalist"s questions and began his campaign.I was one of the journalists that attended the press meeting.Ihsanoglu is a conservati... more

The AK Party hegemony

The 2000 millennium began with the AK Party hegemony. We have spent the first decade under its rule. It"s quite likely that we will spend another decade with it. Indeed, it is quite possible that Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan as the president will witness... more

An evidence-generating newspaper!?

For the past two days, Yeni Safak has been headlining the situation to which they were subjected to.A prosecutor from Adana had put newspaper news under the ''cyber crime'' category based on a complaint. The way he uses his authority and his demand a... more

Can a Kurdish person be a presidential candidate?

Nurettin Yilmaz was an independent congressman from Mardin, before the military coup in 1980. During the presidential elections in March 1980, which continued for 114 rounds and gave no results, he was also an independent candidate.He was going to pa... more


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