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The altitude

In countries like Turkey where societies are trying to get out from semi-closed orders, it is usually the case that the "skills and style" of bearers, political authorities are identified with a one way idea. We have seen that during the time of ANAP... more

The poison of polarization and the instrumentalized pain

I had to keep up with the tragedy of Soma while I was abroad. There is no doubt that there is a sorrowful death toll and a big pain. Besides that, what caught my attention from afar was that the situation turned into a pathetic polarization. Accident... more

Towards a new Turkey (2)

We can evaluate the last decade of Turkey from several points of view during the AKP administration. In terms of its economy, there has been stability and growth with the emergence and the rise of the middle class.On the social field, there are class... more

Towards a new Turkey (1)

The pain in Soma continues increasingly and as a matter of fact debates become politicized. It is top priority that the responsible must be found in terms of conscience, ethics and politics.However, we must avoid the pain from getting instrumentalize... more

Avcı, Gülen community and justice

The friends of Hanefi Avci were asking everyone to write something on their columns about him and remind others of his situation. I have been late for a few days. I would like to repeat what I have been saying for years. In all senses, Avci is the to... more

The fake politician

The picture that emerged on Sunday at the opening of the state of council consisted of "severe" and "distressing" and "unwanted" scenes. Turkey devours this kind of tension too fast, shows reaction too fast and becomes polarized over it too fast. On ... more


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