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Resolution Process: New phases and risks

For the first time, the Resolution Process is facing such a gigantic disengagement risk… This was the summary of what I've said yesterday. Such a possibility, not only frays the Kurdish issue, but also deranges the political weather and balances of t... more

Conditions for the AK Party-CHP coalition…

A while ago, the co-chairman of the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Selahattin Demirtaş was saying, “We will support it if the AK Party and the People's Democratic Party (CHP) establish a coalition which is also in line with our principle... more

What type of a coalition should be formed?

It is reported that Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu's desire is to try a coalition first and foremost. My observations regarding the Prime Minister is also in the same direction. Taking into consideration political stability and the lack of reconcili... more

What to do? What not to do?

Kılıçdaroğlu made an interesting statement yesterday. “The opposition forms the majority with 60 percent. The duty to form the government should be given to them...” Since the balance of the parliament changed, it is obvious that the CHP leader disti... more

The resolution process and continuity…

In recent years, the Kurdish issue has been one of the subjects significantly shaping the course of politics and democracy. So today: the resolution process, in spite of all the crisis it faced, all the disturbances, being instrumentalizeddespitethe... more

Resolution Process on the election scale

It was remarkable; a couple of days ago, HDP Co-Chairman Selahattin Demirtaş participated in a TV Program on IMC Television, and by saying, “When Erdoğan saw in the surveys that the Resolution Process was not providing AK Party any votes, especially ... more

Evren and the Kurdish issue

Recently deceased former President Kenan Evren not only represented a military coup. Also, September 12th did not only consist of the military overthrowing the government. Evren and September 12th are equivalent to crimes against humanity. Tortures, ... more

A parliament with or without HDP?

Whether HDP exceeds the threshold or not…. It's possible to approach the “which one of them is preferable” question from two aspects. The first one is clear; democratically and principally, it's unpreferable for any political party, who has represent... more

The candidates, parties and elections

The candidate lists prior to the elections form one of the most critical political curves for parties. It carries two meanings. It shows the voter the latest situation of what type of profile a political party carries, and it also displays the party'... more

Left, right, violence…

To write an article in a country that spews two-sided violence and cursing is a stringent job. Forget writing, we are in a period where even mental tranquility is hard when in one neighborhood is peaceful and in the next it is raining stones. The mom... more

The Turkish right wing and AK Party…

It is said that AK Party is civil according to the traditional right-wing, less nationalistic, less statist. As for the last years, it is being said that AK Party has been shifting towards the right. AK Party is certainly different than the other rig... more

How will the crisis affect the resolution process?

What creates the “moment" in conflict resolutions and is essential in this perspective is time and conditions. Many countries including South Africa and England have sat at the table with the AFN and IRA not because democratic conditions were fully r... more

Crisis Analysis…

Let us first remember and put everything in consecutive order:President Erdoğan’s intervention in the Central Bank of Turkey… His warning Ali Babacan, the Deputy Prime Minister responsible for the economy, and his public announcement of this incident... more


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