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Isn’t there a Kurdish issue?

An interesting situation has developed. AK Party and HDP’s roads have crossed on the side over the reconciliation process; they are being pushed to be on the same battlefront. On the other hand, they are both being made out as enemies by rendering th... more

AK Party and the future…..

No matter what subject is being discussed, criticized and worried about, we have passed an indicative period in Turkey’s history.Following the transformation, we are speaking of a 10-year period, in which laicism was democratized, the Kurdish issue h... more


After the annihilation of the old guardianship and military system, we are face to face with “historical baggage” that comes into play during the establishment of the new system.What’s this historical baggage?This baggage is the reality of the Turkis... more

The “platform” in the Fidan incident…..

Throughout its 12-year rulership period, many names were born from AK Party. The intention behind “born” is the implication that they have shown themselves in the government field or the political arena through AK Party and the experience they've gai... more

A foreign eye on the Resolution Process….

Unfortunately, no correct fixation regarding the February 28th Dolmabahçe meeting had been brought forward by either of the sides.Because, in some aspects, the complete and correct articulation of the point arrived neither served the purpose of AK Pa... more


It was the final days of June in 2010. Prime Minister Erdoğan was stating the following in his speech at the group meeting;“We had taken the most crucial and vital step related with the resolution of issues. We put an end to denial policies…”This sta... more

Baransu and Sledgehammer

Mehmet Baransu has been arrested, and thus the arguments begin.Some of those arguments are related with Baransu’s journalism method, the ethic borders of journalism, whether there is a conspiracy about the Sledgehammer case, and if there is, then whe... more

What point have we reached in the Resolution Process?

If we glance at the government’s and HDP’s statements, we are making no headway.The government especially avoids pronouncing the “negotiation” word. On television, even the Prime Minister is abstaining from using the “side” word. The statements, whic... more

February 28th : After 18 years

What was it about February 28th?What meaning does it carry for today?February 28th was; the militarization of the state’s mechanism, the polarization of the community, a pole’s view on the other in a danger and threat mentality, the blacklisting of t... more

Dink and Akyürek

Ramazan Akyürek was the Head of the General Directorate of Security Forces’ Intelligence Office when the Turkish-Armenian journalist, Hrant Dink, was murdered…While Akyürek was planning this murder and while the Trabzon Police were pursuing this prep... more

From Bayar to Erdoğan…

The debates over a presidential system did not suddenly spring up with the emergence of the AK Parti (Justice and Development party) and Tayyip Erdoğan.It is well known that the conservative segment has strongly backed a presidential system all along... more

A common denominator: Individual cult

The story of the attempts to limit the rulership dates back to old times.Constitutionalism moves, pursuits of limited or wide communal consonance, the matter of sharing the sovereignty and the attempts to code it, representative order structures… All... more

What do we have in hand?

We’ve become a country that has angry people on the streets when it comes to politics.With the ailing and extreme politicization, an explanation of every “good” and “bad” with the political rulership, and even with Tayyip Erdoğan, constraining Turkis... more


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