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Blind spots...

It frequently happens, and it’s happening once again.Plenty of political developments and suggestions in Turkey are being handled within a polarization frame, either over counterpart or proponent political perception or without causing an attempt to ... more

Let people have right to life for state to stay alive

The brutal murder of Özgecan was like a hard slap in our face reminding us of violence against women.It was in this context that I mentioned the concepts of “human security” and “human security policies” yesterday.Repeating it wouldn’t go amiss…The c... more

Sexist, not denominational….

The common and communal indignation created by Özgecan’s brutal murder is not an ordinary reaction. It’s pointing at the innocence, randomness of brutality, the fact that such brutality is waiting around the corner, and more importantly, the ailing s... more


East-West or religious-secular living spaces and values had always been placed within the indicators in the center of the Turkish community and politics. Despite all of the transformation stories experienced by the country, today the same matter and ... more

A threshold matter…

Boundaries need to be challenged to resolve ethnic and cultural clashes…This is actually a general rule…The first move that openly challenged the boundaries of the sensibilities of our public was witnessed in Habur… Before everything went awry, PKK (... more

The status of the rulership and opposition…

As the June election season begins, the political argument platforms are becoming clearer.On one hand, there is the 10 percent threshold, and, a field that is forming around HDP at the same rate it points at the new forms of the opposition party.On t... more

Post-Kemalist syndromes…

Previously, I had reminded everyone that the “right of resistance” statement used by Kılıçdaroğlu was a “constitutional code” which legitimized a military coup in Turkey.I’ve received reactions over it, especially from post-Kemalists.I don’t like mak... more

Where are we heading towards?

As we head towards the election and upcoming period, there are three matters in politics keeping our minds busy. First one is; the matter of the new Constitution that lies on top of the agenda with the recent arguments over the Presidential system. S... more

What’s this “right of resistance”?

Kılıçdaroğlu has once again gone over the limits. The language he used and the mentality he presented while criticizing the President forestalled the matters he had criticized as a problem.He was stating the following in the recent group meeting of C... more

The Kurdish policy, Gülen-led group and police state…

Ömer Altıparmak, the Ex-Chief of the Intelligence Agency, was one of the first names, who had been dismissed within the frame of the liquidation of the “parallel structure”.Apparently, he made some statements and mentioned my articles related with th... more

The Constitution matter: A model and its derivatives

The Turkish modernization model, as it’s known, had been fitted on a “Turkish-secular citizen”, whose assignments, rights and attitude have been tightly identified by their life style. As for the attempts in creating the official person, within this ... more

Evidence, the wings and the ones getting under those wings….

Previously in this column, I mentioned the wiretapping story of the ex- Deputy Undersecretary of MIT, Cevat Öneş. Öneş an erudite man, following his retirement, had penned articles and books on matters like the democratization of the intelligence age... more


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