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June Elections and the Resolution Process

There is no doubt that, for Turkey, the most critical moment in 2015 will be the June elections. Following that, the system will be following a straight line without elections for 4 years. This interval is long enough for the political willpower and ... more

A move or a skid?

The tentative situation related with the Resolution Process is continuing.After the Kobane incidents on October 6 – 8, the dialogue between the government and the Kurdish movement got back on track. The ruptured dialogue has been re-established, and ... more

In between the pro- and anti-Erdoğan…

Humans tend to view the generalities of their time in absolutes. They think that the divides and crises, or developments and debates, of their time are the first and the most in-depth, the likes of which have never been witnessed before. Doesn’t the ... more

Welcome to 2015…

We have left a tense and difficult year behind us.Without a doubt, what had factually characterized 2014 were the Presidential election, December 17 – 25 2013 incidents and the great fracturing experienced in the Resolution Process at the beginning o... more

Fighting with the Gülen-led group: The Requirements…

We are on the final day of 2014.With all of its aspects, investigations, legislative activities, administrative measures, the most important issue of the year had been the mobilization of the government against the Gülen-led group.Without a doubt, on... more

The fight against the community: Bends…

We are in the last days of 2014. The principal development to have an impact this year – at the same level as Tayyip Erdoğan’s being elected president – without doubt, was the fight conducted against the political wing of the Fethullah Gülen communit... more

Can’t you understand?

The issue is not complicated.During 2007 and 2008 when the AK Parti (Justice and Development Party) was faced with a noose prepared by the laicists and nationalists and was left exposed amid the mechanisms of the state due to the party closure case h... more

Gülen-led group’s show of strength…

The approval of Hanefi Avcı’s sentence can be interpreted as a challenge or the Gülen-led group’s show of strength. We encountered the same situation in the Balyoz case. The Ninth Criminal Division of the Supreme Court, who had pushed aside matters l... more

Is Avci going to prison again?

The navy officer, Yasin Türker, who stood trial in the Balyoz case, whose part of his life had been stolen because of that, who is one of the victims of document forgery, was asking the following in one of his messages;“What’s your prediction about h... more

Which military? Which AK Party?

The simmering within the military between 2003 and 2004 was neither fiction, nor a conspiracy nor a trick…Aytaç Yalman’s recollections, the accusation traffic between Başbuğ-Yalman-Özkök-Doğan and the statements they’ve made, a failed coup d’état, wh... more

Western press and the Turkish trap…

Some of the judicial processes like Ergenekon, Balyoz, Kafes, and Oda TV were crucial cases; however, some of the other ones were completely unjustified cases. Accusations about some of the defendants of these crucial cases are important, while some ... more

Which one represents the truth?

The release of Ekrem Dumanlı was pleasing, and the arrest of Hidayet Karaca was saddening, regardless of the allegations leveled at them… Two days ago this is what I had written:“It is not natural in a democratic country for the executives of a promi... more

Wiretapping Cevat Öneş…

Let’s start by recalling yesterday for the people who haven’t read yesterday’s article.The former Undersecretary of MIT (National Intelligence Agency), Cevat Öneş, had been included in the infamous wiretapping operation, which is thought to be based ... more


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