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A disgraceful mindset and a scandal

Six months ago, on June 6, an article titled “Who placed a wiretap on the MİT deputy undersecretary?” appeared in this space.An excerpt from that article is listed below:“Cevat Öneş is a known personality. He served in the National Intelligence Organ... more

Democracy or authoritarianism?

Do the AK Parti-centered, one-dimensional reactions  against the recent operation and the claims that the government is trying to  silence the voice of the opposition and punish them, portray the situation in Turkey clearly?Can you define all the pol... more

Community, press, freedom: double-edged swords

It is not business as usual when the editors of a leading newspaper and a television station are detained on the basis of a politically-motivated investigation in a democratic country.The detention of journalists and the manner of detention, particul... more

Samast, Yılmazer, Akyürek…

The question was this:“How did Ogün Samast know about the registration numbers of the police officers, who had queried the names of the defendants from the computer after the murder?”I received the answer from a colleague of mine. These numbers were ... more

The vicious circle within the reconciliation process…

The train that is the reconciliation process just cannot gather momentum. Quite the opposite, just like a snake coiling around itself, it looks like it is condemned to a vicious circle.The meetings held by the HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) delegati... more

The Dink case: An autopsy…

The Hrant Dink case is once again the center of focus. An unsolved murder. Those responsible for it freely roaming the streets. A new investigation. New accusations.How can sense be made of all this?It is possible to follow the case on the basis of t... more

A third front of pollution…

Extreme politicization, polarization and states of confrontation mean all discussions become instrumentalized.One example of this is the debating of many political, societal and cultural issues these days in Turkey on the basis of whether it is benef... more

The community’s dirty laundry…

New evidence emerges every day of the style, scope and intentions of the actions undertaken by the community’s (the term used to refer to the Fethullah Gülen-led community) groups within the police force and the judiciary.The latest such revelation w... more

Two extreme ends…..

When the arguments incline towards two separate, extreme ends through the attitudes, it hurts the Turkish democracy with all its aspects, rather than benefiting it.The recent arguments around the Constitution Court appear the same way.Let us first st... more

Constitutional Court and rulership tension...

The argument related with the “political function” of the Constitutional Court had rekindled once again. The hurricane, which broke out around the individual applications of SP and BBP for the cancellation of the clause, saying that this clause relat... more

That glimmer of hope in Muş

Four years ago, in 2010, toward the end of October, I had gone to Muş. Prof. Dr. Nihat İnanç, the rector of the university, had asked me to deliver the opening lecture. It was a suggestion that had significance for someone who had stepped away from u... more

Democracy and tyranny...

Democratic communities have some existential preconditions.The political field being autonomous against the state, the communal field being autonomous against politics, and the opinion being autonomous against all three; are all something that are in... more

Media coverage ban: Trying to cover up a mistake with a mistake

The ban imposed on media coverage in regard to the four ministers accused of alleged corruption is a clear and major political mistake.Such a decision on a topic like corruption, which is critical and must be debated, -- and at a time when the clash ... more


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