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Mentality test…

Are we suffering from a prevalent and epidemic mentality illness or not?It’s possible to find an answer with a test.There are three symptoms related with the illness.The first one is the “symbolical defect.”The captive people, segments and systems, o... more

Assuming that s/he himself is the change…

The institutions and individuals, who only accept the authoritative administration mentality as the condition of “the state’s survival”, and turns “the state’s survival ideology” into the indisputable axis of the politics, had never been one of the m... more

Turkish modernity, trauma, democracy…

Why is Turkey unable to overcome certain hardships?The culture of reconciliation for example. Why aren’t its benefits grasped in these lands and it remains quite distant from becoming a principal idea?This is an age where the understanding prevails t... more

Which one is correct?

The previous day, I had attended TRT News’ question-answer program with Davutoğlu. Davutoğlu was giving the following answer to the question, which was indicating that there is a serious distance between the Kurdish community’s and political rulershi... more

Short memory, personal opposition….

Every kind of alteration is the task and the result of “interaction”.Turkey also had advanced in many incidents in this way. The internal and external dynamics had overlapped, fed and triggered each other.Between these two dynamics, in the times and ... more

The peace train, once again

The meeting between Deputy Prime Minister Yalçın Akdoğan and parliamentarians from the HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) signaled a “turnaround.” There are signs that the reconciliation process is once again gaining momentum, as the Kobane crisis and t... more

The umbrella that constitutes a mindset

People occasionally succumb to a problematic mindset where they become hesitant to approach the question and when they murmur discontentedly when faced with their interlocutor.The mindset is an umbrella under which various societal structures and pol... more

Turkey’s image

The political agenda has become enmeshed in important foreign policy issues.The ISIL issue, Turkey’s place in the coalition, Rojava, the attack on Kobane, and the PKK’s position in that region are developments that are not just limited to foreign pol... more

The “Democratic Re-circulation” problem

Baykal had been asked, “Is it possible for you to return to Chairmanship?” on a TV show, and his answer was, “Politics is a field which experiences constant changes. We cannot possibly know what will happen. There is always a surprise, obscurity in p... more

Sticky politics...

Excessive politics will eradicate the political memory. The moment-indexed political perception produces sovereignty. 2006 and 2007 were critical years; they were the years of adamant, clear discoveries, incidents and fixations. Today, they are being... more

A communal platform for the resolution

The Resolution Process discussions had been locked on to the political equilibriums and altercations. Then, what is the communal platform beneath this?We already know that, in this sense, the Kurdish issue had rapidly shed its skin in  recent years. ... more

A door with four locks

There are serious obstacles that need overcoming to clear the path for the reconciliation process at the stage we find ourselves in.The political climate points to the fact that the process has been frozen.Government representatives begin their state... more

A constant variable…

No matter how we name it, even from Turkey’s viewpoint, Eastern-Western or religionist-secular living spaces and values have always taken place within the indicators that are almost always in the center of the community and politics.Despite all forms... more


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