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The Kurds’ visualization and the new equilibrium

In a TV show, to which I attended with Mesut Yeğen, he gave a remarkable answer to the “What does Rojava state for the Kurds?” question:“The Rojava incident had taken a dynamic journey in the sense of its effect over the Kurds. The mental attitude wa... more

A different perspective

We live in a tough region.We have deep-rooted problems with regard to societal accord.The Kurdish problem and the polarization created by measures based on prohibitionist secularism are some of the never-changing issues in this country in this regard... more

New layers of the Kurdish issue

Turkey had survived November 1, which had been declared as the Support-Kobane day, free of damage. Of course, the “surviving free of damage” idiom might not sound so nice for a support day that is conducted for a city under trouble.However, this was ... more

The risk of the military…

If security-related incidents increase and the country finds itself in a suffocating policing climate, then the first result will be the coming to prominence of security-linked institutions.If these incidents have at their roots an issue, the Kurdish... more

If the peace train derails…

I have absolute belief that in a historical sense the “journey of peace” will not end.Having said this, the possibility always exists that the train might slow down, experience jolts, or come to a temporary standstill.Question marks form in everyone’... more

The other side: Neighbors and trust

In Turkey political opinions are generally centered on problems, complaints and reactions.A constant uncertainty with regard to the future provided the fuel for such a situation. As concerns grow so do “problem-centric perceptions.”Looked at from thi... more

What’s intended to be vanished is our humanity...

In this realm, where the land is hungry for blood, while the sky is hungry for bellows, they are sitting at the Saturday Square, which is the busiest place in Istanbul, for the past 499 weeks. Actually, they had started living there about 1013 (one t... more

Shooting oneself in the foot

Whatever the reasons behind the laying of the groundwork and accelerating of processes that led to the Oct. 6-7 incidents, those incidents were the result of the Kurdish political movement’s “strategy to redeploy the use of violence as a political to... more

The State’s responsibilities during the crisis…

There are new developments concerning the reconciliation process and the Kobane tensions.Based on the statement made after a delegation from the HDP (People’s Democratic Party) met with Öcalan, the expectations are that the reconciliation process wil... more

What did Davutoğlu say during the Dolmabahçe meeting?

The “behind-closed-doors conversation” between Davutoğlu and the committee of wise men in Dolmabahçe has been widely written about and explained through various means.The importance of this conversation was down to the revelations about how the rulin... more

The discussions at Dolmabahçe…

On Sunday a meeting that lasted nearly 11 hours was held at the prime minister’s office in Dolmabahçe. I also attended this meeting between the committee of wise men and the prime minister. Most of the cabinet was also present.The timing, duration an... more

Provide time for time…

We are not the only country facing such a problem. Although the phases, dynamics and elements of each may vary, we are also an example of similar problems that fall within the same framework.In this aspect, the Kurdish problem has similarities to the... more

A law of difficulties…

We have been presented with another invoice.A bill is about to be passed into law expanding the authority of the police as a result of the Kobane events. It is sad to see that these new regulations will result in the reversal of changes to many laws ... more


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