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Conditions for the AK Party-CHP coalition…

A while ago, the co-chairman of the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Selahattin Demirtaş was saying, “We will support it if the AK Party and the People's Democratic Party (CHP) establish a coalition which is also in line with our principles.”

These statements must be taken into consideration…

The AK Party-CHP coalition with the support of HDP could relieve Turkey in the short and medium term in terms of democratic stability and the Kurdish issue.

I said it yesterday: “Such a coalition – whose existence would even indicate a state of reconciliation- could focus on the resolution of the Kurdish issue, a preparation for a constitutional change, the revision of the judicial system in line with the qualification basis, the bases of the rule of law in fighting the parallel structure and principles for transparency…”

Of course, this is an intention and an expectation…

Looking at it from another perspective, the AK Party-CHP coalition certainly has a number of strains.

The place where the CHP has placed its bar, the fact that it acts like a political party which won the elections, the revanchist feelings it has towards the AK Party, - with the desire to be in power and the founder - especially President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, its fragmented structure, and chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu's disputed hegemony make it difficult for cooperation. CHP must also be seeing this. As a matter of fact the 14-point coalition conditions it recently announced did not mention the Kurdish issue and the resolution process, which indicates that they wrote them with the thought of a coalition with the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP).

The AK Party, too, seems like it will also be pushed – in sharing the government which it has presided over by itself- with regards to some issues it shows no flexibility, such as corruption, the position of the president, the Middle East policies and CHP's requests.

However, it is possible to overcome these difficulties, find common grounds and find means to enable sides to take a step back. Taking into consideration the potential support of the HDP, the obstacles in front of such a model – which has wide legitimacy and distributes risks in a proportional manner-, seem negotiable.

At first sight, this coalition has six conditions.

1.The CHP should renounce being obsessed with revenge, and making the AK Party pay a price.

2.Again, the CHP should renounce irrational conditions like having the prime ministerial seat, or a rotational prime ministry, which are factors that make it impossible for the two parties to establish a coalition.

3.The AK Party should change its attitude regarding corruption. Under this framework, a tacit agreement could be created regarding the referral of four former ministers accused of corruption to the High Council and the transparency bill which is also on the AK Party's agenda. Although this issue may not be included in the coalition protocol, the parties could agree that the coalition will not be affected in the case that the issue is brought up.

4.The principle that some issues should be dealt with as they are and where they are, within the scope of application should be embraced. Even the existence of such a coalition will mean that the president will stay away from executionist intentions, discourse and applications, and lead him to withdraw to his own sphere. It is not difficult for parties to be on the same page regarding this matter, as long as there are good intentions and accurate reading.

5.To focus on the existing resolution process and an alternative regarding the Kurdish issue should be indispensable for this coalition and should even be its carrier.

6.It is very well possible to establish foreign policy over a new tone, and to give it a more balanced fabric, by setting off from common points, rather than divisive points.

The country needs dialogue, synthesis and re-democratization atmosphere between different circles.

Democracy and this need requires that this coalition be tried first.

If it does not work out, then elections will appear on the horizon.

Parties which will have a constructive attitude will get the best of these elections.


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