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Democracy and tyranny...

Democratic communities have some existential preconditions.

The political field being autonomous against the state, the communal field being autonomous against politics, and the opinion being autonomous against all three; are all something that are indispensable to a democratic community.

In a sense, our political history is the history of the political field’s narrowness….

In the Republic tradition, politics have almost always become the dependent variable of the state power, and thus, became imprisoned inside the state field.

There are also derivatives of this situation.

Similar to how politics failed to become autonomous against the state, the community or civil field also couldn’t become autonomous against politics.

In a similar way, the “opinion”, which had also been degraded to be the logistical factor of politics with an absolute beneficiary expectation, has been identified and perceived like that.

Without a doubt, this “systematic imprisonment system” is the result of the dominant political culture. It is the reflection of some kind of “lack of community visualization”, “abstract allergy” and “state of powerful pragmatism”. What we are encountering is a value system hierarchy, where the state and the things that belong to the state decorate the top; politics come in second to them, and the communal intellectual comes in third at the backmost in the most passive position… The state is being an indicative “superior value” before everyone and everything else; politics are being degraded to “the action of administrating, monitoring and servicing the state” with a single-sided action that excludes the demand-decision interaction; and the community is being handled as a static with a value system, which is accepted as single and natural; are the founding elements of this hierarchy.

All of these actually bring us to some kind of “authoritativeness that is natural and within continuity” definition.

 Neither the suitability, trueness of the state nor the political rulership can change this definition.

There are many examples like this in the history of the world:

Kemalism was one of them. Kemalism was a regime which was based on the captivity of politics and community. The state, which tyrannizes the opinion and community, which knows the right and imposes, which treats every kind of action and opinion outside this frame as an enemy and manhandles them, the cultural and economic hegemony of the communities, which is under government support, assembles this system into a system of privileges and accepted the life style….

We had advanced a lot….

Today, it is possible to say that the state’s command over the politics has broken…

However, had this situation gotten rid of the “imprisonment range”?

Had the community and opinion, and the politics and state became autonomous against politics and the state? Had it also included factors like participation and interaction to the politics definition beyond administrating the state and the service?

In brief, is it advancing towards a system of autonomies like politics, community, opinion, state efficacy?

These are the actual questions….

We know that we are in their trap…

Without a doubt, with an important side, the past 10 years is laboring the sounds of the waves, which are created by communal internal modernization. It comes in front of us as a story of modernization from the Islamic segment to the secular modernization, democratization, and the secularization that is not non-religious. These 10 years is the name of a period, where the communal one had surrounded the politics, activated the alteration mechanisms, and legalized

However, we should see that, despite all the quality and context differentiations, the state’s tyranny had begun to leave its place to the tyranny of politics.

The politics knowing the truth of everything…

The politics attempting to set the rules of communal, cultural and moral rights….

Declaring the opinions it doesn’t like as dangerous, or seeing the part of the “other”…

Worrying about the freedom of statement and press… As a shape, all these are not that different from the mentality of yesterday…

It shouldn’t be like this…

This country deserves more than this.


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