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The “platform” in the Fidan incident…..

Throughout its 12-year rulership period, many names were born from AK Party. The intention behind “born” is the implication that they have shown themselves in the government field or the political arena through AK Party and the experience they've gained during AK Party’s rulership experience.

Names like Yalçın Akdoğan,Fidan Ömer Çelik, Mahir Ünal, Sadullah Ergin, Beşir Atalay are included in this.

Also, Minister of the Interior, Efgan Ala, who had been the Undersecretary of the Prime Ministry for years despite being a politician and who had taken place in Erdoğan's internal cabinet.

Other than those, by taking their recent positions into consideration, it’s necessary to underline three names especially.

In order, these names are Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan and MIT (Turkish National Intelligence Institution) Undersecretary Hakan Fidan.

All three of them are the direct products of AK Party in terms of politicians, and they had important contributions to AK Party’s tale.

During Davutoğlu’s consultancy and the period he was the Minister of Foreign Affairs, his contributions towards the shaping of AK Party’s foreign policy attitude is undeniable. This attitude’s quality of being an input to the foreign policy’s national identity, effects on the development of communal self-confidence mechanisms and the conservative political party understanding are all clear and indicative. All these are as important, as Davutoğlu’s Prime Minister position in the recent period; possibly this will have a permanent quality compared to his latest duty.

One of AK Party’s biggest successes in the past 12 years has been on the economic field. The role of the positive conjuncture in the world, AK Party’s actions in line with the market rules and looking after this continuity in this success are undeniable. The first leg of this formula can be identified as the synthesis of “complete adaptation to the necessities of liberal economy and rationalist foresights” and "solidarist social policies”. As for the second leg of the formula; it’s the skill in “creating resources and transferring those to the public investments”. Thanks to this duo, we have ensured a high growth rate and consistency, and thus, the construction of a new middle class became possible. The percentage of the middle class in the total population increased from 21 to 41 between 2002 and 2011. Ali Babacan has been the architect and guarantee of these policies.

We’ve encountered Hakan Fidan’s name in many important junctions recently. We especially have to underline two of them. The first one; his critical role in the Kurdish issue. The deep architect of the Oslo meetings and İmralı meetings has bee Hakan Fidan. Powell’s words regarding him are remarkable; “I think that what Fidan did for the peace process is quite brave. He had been obliged to deal with many real problems. You have to designate the strategy in how you will implement the willpower. Hakan Fidan possessed this kind of strategy. As the history is being written, he will have important credits for this…”

As for Fidan's second contribution; it’s his potential to transform MIT. Within Turkey’s guardianship level, MIT possessed the tradition of acting as an institution connected to the military or introvert. It’s function mostly presented itself in civil wars and internal monitoring. This agency had been attempted to be used by almost all the rulerships, had been attempted to be shaped within this frame by many names ranging from Özal to Çiller; however, it had been impossible.

Turkey will experience this transformation during AK Party’s period, and, the one, who is acting as the bridge in this matter, re-identifies the function of the institution, draws a strong personality profile, is without a doubt; Hakan Fidan. Fidan’s MIT started to play a critical and important role in Turkey’s foreign policies following this transformation.

When we approach this issue in terms of foreign policy, economy and intelligence structuring,  there is no doubt that there is a third “mission", which had not fallen into place.

The Fidan incident’s lockpad is right at this point. If we take into consideration that; the fight against the parallel structure that has been brought forward by AK Party, the Resolution Process next to the siege mentality, and MIT’s role in the regional policy; all have direct contact with Erdoğan’s increasing “pursuit of trust” and have a vital importance in terms of the government field control, then, the direction of the Hakan Fidan incident can be better understood.

Without a doubt, the developments also have some relation with Erdoğan’s ownership power over AK Party, his Presidency style and the internal developments in AK Party.

However, the essential platform is the one we’ve described.


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