The Turkish right wing and AK Party… - ALI BAYRAMOĞLU

The Turkish right wing and AK Party…

It is said that AK Party is civil according to the traditional right-wing, less nationalistic, less statist.

As for the last years, it is being said that AK Party has been shifting towards the right.

AK Party is certainly different than the other right-wing parties in Turkey. Likewise, with their dynamics and sensitivities specific to themselves, they are the conservative party of the 2000s.

The times are important.

However, a consciousness of the environment is being experienced in the world and in the nation at present. For example, during the Democratic Party period, during the 1950's, there was a world where industrialization and development was seen as a virtue. Just as democracy carried the idea of “majority and choice" during a period where the national will was constantly stonewalled, the 1960's and onwards started to define democracy as “pluralism and participation".

The diversifying societies, through identity and configuration, added participation democracy next to the representative democracy.

However, the tale of the right-wing in Turkey has an important continuity that includes AK Party.

In Turkey, the “right", particularly Muslims and conservatives groups who have issues with the Kemalist-modernist system, have always been at odds with the state's ruling actors.

The ruling actor is essentially the army.

Thus the dispute between the right-wing and army, in the view of conservative parties, envelops the true meaning of democracy.

So then this is the formula:

The conservative parties in Turkey generally have a democratic approach in the macro political fields (government domestic operations, army-civil relations). However, topics in the micro field such as, participation, compromise, women, demand, youth, education and alcohol, maintain its conservative ways.

This was so in the Democratic Party and also in the Justice and Development… During the ANAP days, when Cemil Çicek was responsible for family as the Secretary of State, controlling couples walking side by side at night for their marriage licenses. And for those who did not carry one, a mandatory chastity test is all a part of this series.

However we should not be unfair.

AK Party is more democratic according to other similar parties in the topic of rights and freedoms.

In the previous era and afterwards, AK Party being less nationalist in the Kurdish issue, being concerned with security politics in aspect to its own survival, once and for all explains the cycle inside the center-right.

The last matter is especially important.

AK Party has historically carried the transformation of the Islamic facet, and on the basis of this transformation, it also carried the transformation of the center-right. A part of this transformation is the new and small funding docks that have come into play, the Islamic facets appearance and effectiveness, the disputes that are experienced with the central system with in this framework and the “democratization search" in the meaning of production and consumption shares and partaking.

In summary, it is not only the army that separates AK Party from the rest; it is also the undertaking of a new road by fighting with the local macro order.

With the result of the attitude towards political parties (putting the societal story aside), the main frame in the era of AK Party's democratization politics is this.

This frame work that was seen enough yesterday, is being deficiently comprehended today.

There is no surprising side to this, actually…

The democratization government disputes in the macro level are indexed. The groups who hold great power try to push back the groups who oppose them. This happens over democratization.

That's probably how it happened…

A more principal democratization will come across us on the micro level. In the demand-decision interaction, cultural, social and economic fields, it is like autonomy growing in the individual field.

It's not working like this.

Maybe it is needed to define that like this:

This is a normalization circumstance.

Imprisoned politics are breaking with ideological fights, the micro situations and macro issues are prevailing, at least if it is starting to carry the same amount of weight, this situation is a type of normalization.

The issue weighs a lot without moving towards the right; it is dissociation with the ones who gain strength with the micro level.


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