What’s in hand after eight years? - ALI BAYRAMOĞLU

What’s in hand after eight years?

Another year had passed.

Yesterday, we passed the 8th year of Hrant Dink’s murder.

What’s in hand?

When we observe from a distance, there are two things in hand….

One: Tens of investigations, many journalists’ books, the State Supervisory Board and Prime Ministry Investigation Reports, despite tens of public officials with fixed omissions, there is only one hit man, and two instigators….

Two: An instrumentalized murder case… The power struggles, which render Hrant as a tool, are reflecting in both the files and city squares… The rulership points at the Gülen-led group; the Gülen-led group points at nationalists. Some people are declaring the rulership as being responsible for the murder, and Hrant’s close friends and even liberals are being targeted over the murder…

For the first one, we shouldn’t lose our hopes.

If that hope ends, there will be nothing left…

If this system, country, government really wants to be cleaned, purified and re-structured, than their first objective should be resolving the Dink murder completely.

If political willpower exerts its authority and chooses the path of purifying itself, and gets rid of the political baggage and worrying over the judiciary, then that is possible.

Before the incentive behind why the 2nd Chief of the General Staff called the MIT Undersecretary and wanted Dink to be warned is revealed, before the real reasons behind why the officials, whose omissions had been revealed, are found out, before the positions of the para-militarist structures are revealed, this blame will continue.

As for the second matter, the instrumentalization, personally I have no hope.

The essential element of our political culture, the tendency to instrumentalize which had reached Hrant’s name and surrounded the Dink case completely, is the typical indicator of this..

The instrumentalization, scrambling, snatching, weaponization, are not only something conducted by the rulership focusing on their rulership fights, but also, the political groups (for example, like Hüseyin Aygün who published the unbelievable message yesterday), cheap politicians, radical left-wing squads are easily using names like Hrant, in the direction of their own ideologies, own careers, and in their own political fights. Because of this, they can produce lies and slanders, render Hrant as their individual estate and have him run their errands, and regard insulting his close ones as politics.

As long as the substructure of this stays the way it is, then the mentality illnesses will continue.

As long as these illnesses continue, then Turkey’s political problems will never be resolved completely.


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