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July 3, 2013; Cairo is burning

The weather was too hot. That day, Cairo had been captive to the hot wind and torrifying sun. The political crisis in the country was increasing the heat even more. The Minister of Defense, Abdülfettah Sisi, made the expected announcement on the Egyp... more

While voting today, don't forget

You have principles, ethical rules and tenets. All of these stem from the religion you believe in, the nation in which you were born, and the civilization which you are a part of. Don't ever ignore or disregard these and do not forget them while voti... more

Humanity is drifting; we are searching for a new harbor

We are searching for a harbor where the ships, full of shocked Burmese Muslims that kill each other out of hunger and have terror in their eyes, can drop anchor. We are searching for a harbor where the helpless mothers, whose breasts turned into flat... more

How will the Rohingyas and Morsi not be saved?

Chanting more slogans and screaming more will not save the Rohingyas, the Myanmar Muslims, who are stuck in the middle of the sea in Asia and face death due to starvation. Starting a new hashtag on Twitter, sending more tweets, and re-tweeting will n... more

Mothers of another world

When she held the baby on her lap, she took a deep breath and felt great joy. After her son Prince George's birth, now she also had a daughter. Queen Elizabeth, who remained on the throne the longest but is loved by everyone, named the baby “Charlott... more

The children of the other world

In the country, which possesses the empire where the sun never sinks, there was a holiday atmosphere. The Cambridge Duchess, Catherine Middleton, the most educated and most beautiful bride of the kingdom, was going to give birth to the new member of ... more

Politics of hatred

We had experienced violence, hatred, burning and destruction too much during the Gezi events, and now we are experiencing it once again. The ones who had burned squares are now doing the same thing with the Kobane reason. We need to think about why t... more

The need for social restoration

We gladly see how the Prime Ministry of Ahmet Davutoglu and his new government is producing such a positive energy and is credited by the public opinion. Turkey is going to head for its own target destination overseas with safety so long as it takes ... more

The sick Europe

Europe has always been sick. It always has had an outpatient treatment with antibiotics and pretended that it was fine. The complications of its disease made the world pay big prices for years. You can see the traces of slaughters and genocides, ensl... more


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