Turkey will come out of this stronger - ALI SAYDAM

Turkey will come out of this stronger

How free and independent do you think Western media are? They are absolutely free and independent, according to our "foreign Turkish intellectuals." However, an article in the Financial Times, that came a day before the EU expressed Turkey's visa report, explicitly displays otherwise.

The newspaper reports that Turkey's visa exemption is in danger if it does not change its laws on "the fight on terror and organized crimes," and conform to EU standards.

The article on the newspaper's website was titled "Human rights blow to Turkey's visa-free travel hopes."

Brussels correspondents Peter Spiegel and Alex Barker saw the 10-page draft of the Turkey report put together by the European Commission.

According to the article, Turkey had not yet fulfilled the most important requirement. And this "most important requirement" was to "change the laws on the fight on terror and organized crimes" in order to protect basic human rights.

Apparently Turkey is going to be asked to reform its laws on "counterterrorism" according to European Commission principles. So I guess we too are going to build tents for terrorists, catch them and then release them.

The same article mentions that Ankara will be called on to form an independent commission that will inspect possible human rights violations in security units.

While Financial Times wrote all this, the EU Commissions advisory jurisdiction on lifting visa requirements by the end of June was declared. While reading this article I was thinking about the "buts" in the report and I found them. The report says that we have fulfilled 67 of the 72 requirements, and adds that the remaining requirements should be fulfilled too.

Apparently the advisory jurisdiction being made by the EU Commission's First Vice President Frans Timmermans and European Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship Dimitris Avramopoulos, means the commission strongly supports the advisory jurisdiction.

Let's wait and see how Western media will try and hamper Turkey's next moves.

Turkey has never before been so marginalized and bombarded by Western media.

Daesh, the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), People's Democratic Union (PYD), Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C), the parallel state structure, the Gülenists, EU media and a Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş, who talks about "founding a second parliament" (whatever do you think it means)?

Turkey has never before been attacked from so many different fronts at the same time...

The interesting thing is that, Turkey has always managed to come out stronger from organized salvos...

Reputation is like a bird on a wire

A company as big as Johnson & Johnson might not be affected by $55 million, but, that is not the way it really is. Reputation is like a delicate bird on a wire. Once it flies away, it is not easy to catch it and bring it back.

A US court fined Johnson & Johnson for $55 million compensation for producing cancer-causing talcum powder. The company is expected to appeal against the case of Gloria Ristesund, a woman with ovarian cancer. (The company was sued and had to pay $72 million in compensation in another talcum powder case in February.)

Although the company's spokeswoman Carol Goodrich claimed that the court's decision contradicted the (ongoing) 30-year research on the powder, the negative effects of the news report are already visible. They lost value on the stock market. The intangible effects will be seen in the long-term.

Another company recently under fire is Apple. The US technology giant, which recently lost value on the market, has been on the agenda after Carl Icahn, a billionaire Wall Street investor, sold his shares due to the economic slowdown in China.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, who is said to dislike appearing on television, was a guest on CNBC's "Mad Money." He said that the latest developments were "extreme reactions," and added that Apple had a "quarter above standards."

The company is especially criticized for not being able to successfully bring new innovations to the sector. Tim Cook, who seems determined to fix Apple's reputation, added that they are working on gadgets that will change the sector, but they are not ready to expose these innovations yet.

I always say (when appropriate): Reputation is the perception you have accumulated that enables you to receive understanding and support even when your business is not going too well.


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