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Buddhism, Islam and freedom of religion

An interesting incident had been experienced in the Istanbul Technical University in the sense of understanding and sustaining freedom of religion. The rectorate, which had been giving affirmative replies to the religious Muslim students who demanded... more

Is it the Gezi spirit in CHP or the CHP spirit in Gezi?

CHP has carried out primary elections in some provinces in order to designate their parliamentarian candidates for the June 7th elections. I'd like to say that this is a praiseworthy attempt from the point of democracy and congratulate the party. The... more

A gigantic step towards peace and civilization

Today, Turkey will be experiencing a historic Newroz. Abdullah Öcalan’s message will be announced in Diyarbakır. If the news reflected on to the press are not wrong, then, this message will be announcing that the armed struggle had come to an end for... more

“America’s good friends”

Anyone who deals with American officials will regularly come across the term “a good friend of America” with regard to various people, groups and countries.What does this term mean? Who can be a good friend of America? Is it those that love America? ... more

Reformation History course versus Religion course?

I have received several objections and criticisms concerning my article on the campaign, which was launched by the Association for Liberal Thinking to ban the History of Revolution and Reformation class from the school curriculum in Turkey. Most o... more

The Revolution History class should be removed!

Today, in almost all of the countries, education is under governments" control and manipulation. The essential reason for governments to lay hands on the education is not to increase the declared average education level, help the poor, or to educate ... more

The direction of the Third Republic

The question of what the direction of the third republic should be lies in the defects and mistakes of the second republic. Therefore, we have a ready guide and compass. A similar situation was experienced at the emergence of the second republic. The... more

The third Republic?

What is a republic? A regime in which the political authority does not belong to a certain dynasty and is possessed and used based on equal citizenship. The first part of this popular definition, namely the aspect of it not belonging to any politi... more

Turkey should take care of Yazidi refugees

One of the fundamental parameters of civilization is that humans treat other humans who are not from their own community just as they treat their own kind. Many of the civilization theory makers, especially liberal philosophers, stress this. To treat... more

After the Presidency elections

Turkey had completed another election safe and sound. With the election having taken place on August 10, the president had been chosen by the public for the first time. There were no surprises with the outcome of the elections. R. Tayyip Erdogan, who... more

Can crimes disappear after asking for forgiveness?

Recently Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arinç said, ''They should apologize'', while referring to the upper level of the parallel structure, within the frame of struggle against a formation called parallel structure. If I''m not mistaken, he had spoken... more


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