Can crimes disappear after asking for forgiveness? - ATILLA YAYLA

Can crimes disappear after asking for forgiveness?

Recently Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arinç said, ''They should apologize'', while referring to the upper level of the parallel structure, within the frame of struggle against a formation called parallel structure. If I''m not mistaken, he had spoken similar words before as well. Do these words have a meaning and worth? If he apologizes, would the struggle against the parallel structure be stopped? When they apologize, will the problems caused by the presence and activity of such a structure vanish? In this way, can Turkey continue on its way after guaranteeing not coming face to face with such danger?

In order to answer these questions, we need to accurately diagnose this phenomenon we are facing.

The existence of an exceptional foundation, which some call the ''Gülen-led group ''and which I choose to call autonomous structuring or parallel structure, is clearly known. There is a structure, which piles within the Gülen-led group but doesn''t involve the whole congregation, exploiting the base of the congregation and it definitely has other connections. Official and civil legs of this structure do exist and they are working in coordination. Police and judiciary, being in the first place official leg, which is rolling within the bureaucracy, seeks to own the rulership and use it with illegitimate, non- ethical and antidemocratic ways by using the state''s juridical authorities and opportunities. Rather than advancing in the normal canals, with the secretly formed hierarchy and agenda, the Gülen-led group is trying to determine public policies and render the government, which possesses democratic legitimacy, unfit to produce or operate policies. To put it better, they were trying to. Following the resistance shown by the government, in order to land the last strike, they had invented the December 17th-25th 2013 operations.

Just as the military guardianship focuses had used the legitimization of secularity as an excuse to carry out operations against the government in the days when they were active, in a similar way, this structure wanted to use the corruptions as an excuse for the coup attempt against the government. As I''ve said all the time, it used the legist and police bureaucrats as an assassination tool, judiciary legislation as a weapon, and the corruption claims as a silencer.

Repelling of this attempt has been a great chance for Turkey''s democracy. Though, the attempt itself was a crime and – without a doubt – its components should possess sub crimes as well. If Turkey is a constitutional state and wants to protect its democracy, then they have to punish these crimes. Meanwhile, there are no individual crimes committed against neither Tayyip Erdogan nor Bülent Arinç nor the government. The crime has been committed against all of the public, voters and democracy.

In a democracy, the chosen government uses the capability of determining public policies. Anyone, whether as individuals or as organized groups, can attempt to effect or criticize these policies. This is called democratic pluralism. However, a massive group under the roof of security bureaucracy, which is subordinated to the government, and belongs to the judiciary bureaucracy, which is organized within the state on behalf of the society, cannot make an attempt to defuse the government. They are either religious or secular. A separate state cannot act as the actual state by forming a separate hierarchy and a separate agenda. They cannot wiretap the Prime Minister and the ministers while they are exploiting the authorizations and possibilities provided for them. They cannot wiretap citizens in masses. They cannot conspire against the ones at the bureaucratic seats, which they set an eye upon, for liquidating them. They cannot enter people''s private lives and records, nor implement a threat or blackmail with edited tapes or illegal recordings. Whoever claims to have done these, those people should be judged and punished on behalf of humanity, justice, the law state and democracy. If this is not done, all of society will become the slave of immorality, secret settlements and parallel states. Such a society will never find peace, prosperity and freedom. Bülent Arinç''s words are good natured, but pregnant to sinister dangers. A government, which stops the judicial struggle and goes to an agreement with the autonomous structuring just because they had asked for forgiveness, will be committing a crime against all of us and all of the public. That type of government would even lose its legitimacy. What needs to be done here is the communal, political, executive and juridical struggle has to be continued and, meanwhile, all the mistakes done in Ergenekon and Balyoz cases should be treated delicately and with caution.


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