A revolutionary touch to Kavala

A reminder of the fundamental principle from the very beginning:  Everybody is innocent until proven until proven otherwise. We have no clue under which charges businessman Osman Kavala was detained, what he was asked, what he is accused of and, of course, what the ruling on him will be.

The trial period aside, touching, being able to touch Osman Kavala is, in itself, a revolution.

Osman Kavala is not a businessman whose name we hear very often. As far as we know, Kavala is not Kurdish, Alevi, Armenian or Greek. He is a man involved in the modernization of war planes, he cooperates with the mafia, he is not really pro-peace either. It can be blatantly seen that he is certainly not a leftist.

However, taking a look at Kavala’s activities in Turkey, in other words, the newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, radios, films, books, nongovernmental organizations he supports, he is quite involved in separatist/fascist Kurdist attempts, the Alevism “without Ali” project, Armenian theories and activities that provoke minorities.

İletişim Publications and Birikim magazine, which are major publishing outlets of the Turkish left, turned, after the Gezi incidents, toward a pro-Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ) stance. The pro-Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) newspaper, Birgün, similarly became FETÖ enough to replace Zaman newspaper. We see that capitalist Osman Kavala, the financier of İletişim Publications and Birikim magazine, the backer of Birgün newspaper, is behind the senseless and the irrelevant relationship of the left with FETÖ.

We do not know yet whether Kavala funded the Gezi Park incidents. What we know is that the Gezi Park incidents were not an act that the left produced with its own dynamics. They were street incidents planned, produced and steered directly by the FETÖ gang that were provoked by FETÖ members of the police and judiciary as much as by some other groups. Kavala’s name emerging from the Gezi Park incidents that were carried out with good advertising and financial support will be no surprise.

Kavala may be a “Soros,” but he sure isn’t “red.” It also seems funny to say that Kavala and the “outside forces,” whose business he conducts, like the Kurds, Alevis, Armenians and Greeks.

It is quite clear that Kavala, just like Fetullah Gülen, is one of the “baby-faced,” “masked as peace-loving,” “humanitarian seeming” tools collected internally to carry out the West’s operations on Turkey.

The West is “concerned” that all the agents it has invested in for decades will, one by one, become deactivated.

The West was not saying anything against a low-intensity fight with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK); whenever the fight took a determined state, they started to openly support the PKK.

FETÖ’s failure in the July 15 coup attempt disappointed the West the most. Now, the West is again the one most disturbed by the pressure on FETÖ.

When the Turkish judiciary touched Osman Kavala, it was again the West, the EU and U.S. that raised their voices. Having another one of the agents they bred and raised for decades and used with great success being touched made the West a lot more anxious.

Yes, Kavala was as convenient, as functional a tool as the PKK, as Fethullah Gülen. He was a good tool in financing the weak links to be used in destabilizing Turkey. He was a loyal capitalist, who appeared to be “leftist,” “red,” who would provoke the Kurds, Alevis, Armenians and Greeks.

He would take the Turkish left in the palm of his hand and form it into any shape he wanted; he was a skilled magician who at times would make them the legionnaires of capitalism, at times the abettor of imperialism, at times a slave of violence and, at times, Fetullah’s helper.

The books you see in the “bestseller” section the moment you step into bookstores, and which all look alike, as if to have been produced by the same hand, are not the result of a coincidence. The immorality or cheap opposition we come across in worthless cinema films are no coincidence either. Writers, directors, actors, who do not possess a grain of talent, having such prominence, gaining international approval is no coincidence either. Nongovernmental organizations, unions that have no social response resounding this much, the magazines and newspapers nobody reads, the radio stations nobody listens to making such a riot is also not coincidental.

Touching Osman Kavala is to touch Turkey’s destabilization operations, the perception operations. Touching Osman Kavala is to touch the West’s oppressive and imperialistic culture power. Touching Osman Kavala is to rescue the opposition funded by Turkey’s enemies from its chains. Hence, touching Osman Kavala is, in itself, a clear revolution.

There are some who say, “If this man was so dangerous, why didn’t you touch him until now?” They said the same about FETÖ and the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP). Yet this is how revolutions work; the conditions need to form in order for it to happen. Otherwise it would be premature birth, having the revolutionist lose his head.

6 yıl önce
A revolutionary touch to Kavala
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