AK Party congress, elections and the economy

AYDIN ÜNAL,  Thursday 10:48, 16 August 2018

Opposition parties want to defeat the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party and overtake it at the ballot boxes. This is the nature of politics. The opposition party seeks to become the ruling party by highlighting its incompetence, making complaints to the nation about the administration and producing new projects and targets.

The AK Party did not give the opposition a chance to win at the polls. Because AK Party has always been in the struggle to make the best of everything. It worked with the best staff. AK Party set goals beyond the imagination of the opposition party and achieved these goals. In fact, it was the AK Party itself that had to act like an opposition party in many cases. As such, it became even more worthy in the eyes of the nation.

The opposition, which could not produce projects, lacked imagination, failed to reach targets and even failed to oppose, tried to defeat the AK Party at the polls. The media and terrorism also supported the opposition. However, the AK Party could not be beaten anyway. At that time, traitors such as the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), which was controlled by foreigners, or international mechanisms directly came into play. Various coup attempts, manipulations, provocations were tried. Heavy attacks were launched on the AK Party. But all failed. After every attack, AK Party emerged stronger. The nation embraced it even more.

Those who want to "get rid" of the AK Party and Erdoğan were convinced that both could only be overthrown by means other than elections, against the will of the nation.

The attacks on the economy in the recent days, rather than creating a crisis in Turkey, aims to shape the polls in local elections.

If you look closer, you will see that the attack on the economy has once more made the nation act in solidarity. It is ready for all sorts of sacrifice and has already mobilized. Moreover, many friendly and brotherly countries in the world support Turkey.

What is interesting is that even the Republican People's Party (CHP) and the Good Party called it an assault, and stated that they would support the government.

It is surprising that even the opposition, which has made a political tradition of opportunism in such moments of crisis, regards the event as an "attack" and "supports" the government.

Because what is intended is not simply an economic crisis. The purpose is not to bring the Turkish economy down. The goal is to drive a wedge between AK Party, Erdoğan and the people.

The AK Party is preparing for the most difficult and hard trial.

As the Sixth Ordinary Congress approaches, the AK Party knows very well how difficult and hard the upcoming process will be.

The fluctuation of the dollar will stop. The U.S. salvos will surely be fended off. Turkey will emerge victorious from this latest attack. But the more important thing is to be able to increase the decreased rate of votes in the June 24th elections or even to be able to preserve the figures in the last elections.

A more significant loss of votes in local elections could leave the AK Party, even Erdogan in a difficult position. We may find ourselves in a situation, which would please FETÖ, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), and all of Turkey's adversaries.

The AK Party's 6th Ordinary Congress is the greatest opportunity to reverse this disaster scenario.

The AK Party should be refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated after the 6th Congress. The severity of future risks must be recognized, and the entire entity must be shaken up by a wave of excitement. Each and every member should make their way from Ankara back to their hometowns feeling the responsibility for Turkey and its people on their shoulders and should immediately start to go over problems.

AK party should create a feeling in voters that says, "We know your concerns, requests, and received your messages" before local elections; they should not be willing to settle for creating only such feeling, but also they should ensure that required efforts are made accordingly.

To create a Central Decision Making and Executive Council (MKYK) that is determined according to merit criteria, that can think and speak with courage and also an experienced and new MYK capable of exercising decisions quickly, boldly and astutely will be the first step and the major measure taken by the AK Party in this new and challenging process.

The destiny of the AK Party and Erdoğan does not only coincide with the destiny of politics; their destiny now coincides with the destiny of Turkey and the oppressed and quiet region, particularly Jerusalem, Mecca, Medina.

There is not a process ahead of us which can be left up to chance, destiny or course of events but a process of which we should be at alert and aware of our great responsibility at all times and work hard.

I hope that the 6th AK Party Ordinary Congress will both remind us of our responsibilities and also increase passion, excitement and hope. My best wishes for it in advance.

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