PKK slaughtered the left as well

There is a prevalent conspiracy theory that the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) was founded by intelligence agencies. This is not a completely baseless theory, though.

The fact that PKK ringleader Abdullah Öcalan was arrested in 1973 when he was a student at the Faculty of Political Sciences and then released after a three-month imprisonment, that the PKK carried out its formation preparations with intelligence agent Pilot Necati, his first wife Kesire Yıldırım, who was the daughter of Ali Yıldırım, an employee of Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MİT), that he escaped to Syria after having learnt about September 12 in advance, the incidents at Diyarbakır Prison and many other dark relations and incidents strengthen the thesis that PKK was founded, used and cultivated by intelligence organizations.

In fact, looking at the result instead of looking back on the past will reveal a better picture to see that PKK is a useful pawn of international intelligence agencies.

PKK used to be seen as one of the most powerful left organizations in Turkey and in the world. As armed organizations of the left were being purged one by one in Turkey and in the world, PKK was able to remain standing and even grow constantly. Since 1989, as socialism had been collapsing all across the world, PKK has maintained its activities as an organization that has been watched and supported with admiration by “romantic revolutionists.” 

Today the same PKK is suddenly a legionary of the U.S. in the Middle East after its bloody “left” history for half a century. Having completed its evolution through being leftist, socialist, communist, Marksist, Leninist, Stalinist and such, PKK has assumed the role of the volunteer watchman of imperialism/capitalism.

The amount of arms the U.S. has given to the PKK/ Democratic Union Party (PYD) in northern Syria has exceeded 900 trucks. In northern Syria, the U.S. bases have been opened via PKK/PYD.

Supposedly, PKK was fighting against Daesh in northern Syria. In Raqqa, it was also PKK that helped Daesh get on buses and “evacuate” the city safely, of course with the instructions of the U.S.

PKK, which has been wandering around the mountains with a leftist mask on its face for half a century and eventually submitted this “fight” to its owner - the U.S., has had a tragicomic adventure with the Turkish left in this half a century.

PKK has slaughtered mostly the left since it took the stage in the 70s.

PKK has clashed with many leftist organizations such as TİKP-Enlightenment Group, Revolutionary People’s Will, The Communist Party of Turkey, DEV-YOL, TİKKO, People’s Liberation, People’s Way, TEKOŞİN, Kawa, Denge Kawa, Revolutionary Path, Freedom Path, KUK, Rizgari and TDKP; it shed blood and purged most of these organizations.

Especially in 1993, four TDKP militants killed by PKK in Tunceli made a tremendous impact.

As it was purging leftist organizations, PKK executed hundreds of leftists. Leftist organizations’ many leaders and members including Haki Karer, Ali Kınacık, Ferit Uzun, Mehmet Çakmak, Abdullah Irmak, Zabit Kaplan and all of the members of the organization known as Beş Parçacılar (Partisans of Liberations of Five Parties) were killed in PKK assassinations before and after 1980.

As PKK has no patience for any organization other than itself, it has not patience for different voices within itself, either. In half a century, PKK executed hundreds of its members, mostly by torturing them.

When you look at the leftist organizations that it purged and leftists that it killed, don’t you draw the conclusion that it has been working for international intelligence agencies, and of course for the U.S. from the very beginning, not just in the last few years?

Let’s accept that there is a picture here that deserves credit: establishing seemingly left organizations like PKK and feeding them for half a century to destroy the left threat. Or establishing organizations like FETÖ and patiently raising them to choke Islamic movements. Regulating a geography through recruited organizations without almost any expense, taking any risk and putting any employee into danger…

Like FETÖ, PKK too showed us that states that have plans for the Middle East or the Muslim geography make long-term plans and patiently wait for those plans to ripen. They develop policies where the state’s mind and its long-term plans will progress steadily even if governments, presidents and staff change.

We are fighting against states which have century-long plans, and preparations and infrastructures for those plans. There is no doubt that Allah foils traps, but this should be a lesson to us.

7 yıl önce
PKK slaughtered the left as well
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