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AK Party and the future

The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) has marked its 16th anniversary of founding with an enthusiastic ceremony in Ankara.

It would be good to reiterate that the AK Party is the new face of a long-standing movement that emerged on Aug. 14, 2001. A kind of stoical and unyielding resistance and struggle, the roots of which go back to the past, emerged in the form of the AK Party in 2001. AK Party’s mission was present before 2001 as well, and as long as Turkey exists, this mission will continue to exist.

The "political base" of the movement represented by the AK Party today was only 6-7 percent in the 1990s. First the struggle of late Necmettin Erbakan, and then the struggle, resistance, fight and courage of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan brought the "natural political base" of this movement up to 40 percent.

Erdoğan assumed the responsibility of this movement, which has been going on for centuries, maintained it properly and continues to maintain it.

After the May 27, 1960 coup, the fate of late Adnan Menderes was used as a tool of threat against all the politicians in Turkey. The tutelary powers designed politics by saying, "If you do not do what we want, your fate will be like that of Menderes."

From now on, perhaps for centuries, Erdoğan will be a decisive role model for Turkish politics, with his firm stance, determination, sincerity, love for the nation, and of course, courage. Perhaps even centuries later, politicians will determine their direction by looking at Erdoğan's struggle, not by looking at Menderes’s fate.

There are those, domestic and international, who want to "get rid of" the AK Party and Erdoğan, and resort to any illegitimate way to achieve this. They fail to understand that whether or not the AK Party exists, and whether or not Erdoğan exists, this movement will always exist in this country, have a natural base and there will always be a party that is the political manifestation of this movement in the country.

The question is: How strong will this political movement be, considering that it struggles to preserve the values, beliefs, and sacred values of the vast majority regardless of whether it gets votes or not and of whether they are in the party’s natural base.

How and how long will this movement, brought to the peak by Erdoğan, stay at the peak?

The answer to these questions depends entirely on the performance of the AK Party administration and organizations, and the party’s ability to produce new solutions in the face of new conditions. The answer to these questions depends on the dynamism and excitement of the AK Party government.

The AK Party has kept all these factors alive for 16 years and achieved great victories and reached today in this way.

As the 2019 elections approach, the AK Party is actualizing a fundamental change by analyzing all the obstacles, problems and risks facing it in the best way.

The AK Party sees problems and risks very well, knows what to do against them and maintains the ability to overcome these problems and risks with its dynamism.

While heading toward 2019, there are certain potential problems and risk areas that the AK Party should deal with.

“The Metal fatigue,” economy, struggle against the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ), foreign policy, traps set by those who pretend to be AK Party or Erdoğan’s supporters, attacks to be launched internally and externally, and perception operations are the potential problems and risk areas that the AK Party should overcome in the upcoming period.

Since the beginning, the AK Party has competed against itself and strove to break its own record.

Therefore, some of the potential problems and risks faced by the AK Party may sprout from inside the AK Party itself.

We are entering a process in which our margin to make mistakes is dramatically shrinking. We are at one of the most critical turning points of a movement that has been around for centuries and will continue for centuries.

Getting to know the problem before it is too late means almost solving that problem.

In this column, I intend to address the problems and risk areas in a few articles as far as I can, and to reveal problems and risk areas before it is too late.

I hope to start with the "metal fatigue" on Monday.


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