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AK Party's greatest achievement

The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) has made many great achievements within its 13 years in power and has given Turkey a lot.

There may be those who undermine all it has done, saying, “Of course it is going to do them, they are its responsibility.” However, the AK Party went beyond the lines drawn for it by the status quo and made achievements which previous administrations could not. The AK Party broke records never before broken in the history of the Republic of Turkey, made radical transformations, silent reformations and made dreams come true.

It is not a simple task to even list all of them at once... Like chronic inflation decreasing to dropping interest rates; increasing exports at a record rate by lowering the debt burden; from increasing national income to increasing purchasing power; reforms in health and education; two lane divided highways to tunnels; and cheap housing production to energy investments, among many others.

The AK Party achievements that won't be forgotten

Who would have said that tutelage would be made to retreat? The AK Party put up a great battle against tutelage institutions.

Who would have said speaking, learning and teaching Kurdish would be free? The AK Party focused on all its problems with sincerity.

Who would have said that wearing a headscarf in universities and public institutions would be unrestricted?

Who would have said the zeros in the Turkish lira would be removed? The AK Party dropped six zeros and helped our passport and flag gain a reputation.

Who would have said a tunnel would be built under the Bosporus?

The AK Party built two tunnels.

Who would have said Turkey would fight against the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), which is actually supported by the U.S.?

Who would have said there would be a coup attempt, tanks would be on the streets and military aircraft would be in city skies, but the Parliament, president, prime minister and the people would repel the coup? The AK Party founded its base, motivation and courage and succeeded.

If the Gezi destruction, planned by FETÖ, had not happened; if the Dec. 17 and Dec. 25 coup attempt in 2013 had not happened; if our economy was not attacked and terror did not strike us; if the July 15 coup attempt had not happened, the AK Party would have achieved more. But it did not give up, it did not surrender. Despite all the attacks and preclusions, the AK Party is protecting the people's trust, continuing to work and produce.

As a person who has been adviser to AK Party governments from the very beginning, and followed the activities and operations from the smallest to the greatest, due to my job, I can easily say, the AK Party's most important work is bringing to a referendum the change in the system that was passed in Parliament on Saturday.

“A powerful presidential system” is the greatest achievement the AK Party has presented to date.

The allegation that “President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan wants this regulation for himself” is far from fairness and the historical reality, and is an injustice to all this work that has been done.

Saying, “Erdoğan wants a powerful presidential system for himself,” is just as silly and meaningless as saying, “Erdoğan built the Marmaray for himself,” “Erdoğan planned the Eurasia tunnel for himself,” “Erdoğan made the dual highways for his own car and made the transformations in health for his own health, the national infantry rifle, the ATTACK helicopter and the ALTAY tank to defend himself.”

It is arrogance to say that “he wants this regulation for himself” when he is a leader who stresses death every time he is threatened, reminds the public of death and funeral prayers, says “to the death” on the night of the July 15 coup attempt and leaves for Istanbul and gets his strength from the people.

The need for this system arose on the morning of May 27, 1960. Former late leaders Necmettin Erbakan, Alparslan Türkeş, Turgut Özal and Süleyman Demirel stated that this system was much needed.

Throughout his political life, Erdoğan, verbalized that the current system did not produce solutions, and that a presidential system was what was needed.

The regulation which was left to the discretion of the people after receiving 339 “yes” votes on Saturday morning, is not a current issue, but was an issue of the last century. This regulation will give the elected the opportunity to lay the base for a free, brave administration that will not surrender to tutelage, gangs and the threats of coup plotters.

I personally am proud that I made a contribution to this historic foundation period with a white stamp, a single vote.

Undoubtedly, the glorious people who bring the “yes” votes out of the ballot boxes are those who will enjoy the true pride.

The doors of the new Turkey are now opening. Let's hope for the best.


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