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AK Party's greatest achievement

The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) has made many great achievements within its 13 years in power and has given Turkey a lot.There may be those who undermine all it has done, saying, “Of course it is going to do them, they are its responsibi... more

Sarıkamış, Çanakkale, Al-Bab

One-hundred-and-two years ago today, on Dec. 26, 1914, it was understood that the Sarıkamış Operation would be unsuccessful, thus the course of the war was changed. Russian Commander Maslofski says, “The Turks nearly succeeded.” Enver Pasha's overhas... more

The EU and Turkey: who is moving away from who?

Both in the West and in our borders, it is being argued that Turkey is distancing itself from the European Union, violating its values and rules and that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's policies are the main reason for this.All these claims are unfo... more

They couldn't assign a trustee to Turkey...

Following the assignment of the interim trustees to 28 municipalities upon the claim that they support terrorism, the U.S. made a statement through its embassy in Ankara and stated that they are “concerned.”The U.S. and U.S. Embassy's sensitivity reg... more

You were all there

The Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ) has a 50-year past. We know that it went through all coups only to come out stronger; that it was protected by the coup plotters and that it was protected by most governments after 1980. I would like to especia... more

Westernization is collapsing

It would be impetuous to believe that the European Union will collapse because 52 percent of the UK voted to leave the EU. It is not certain that the UK will exit the EU yet, nor will the EU fall apart in the short term. The result of the Brexit was ... more

Keep going Erdoğan, keep going for the oppressed!

Why did we love Muhammad Ali so much? Because he is a boxer? Because he is a champion? I don't think so. We loved Muhammad Ali, because he spoke the truth, he stood by his word, struggled, endured and resisted even if it meant he had to pay a pri... more


There are two main ideas in Turkey about the solution to the Kurdish issue and the terror issue. The first is to sit at the table like Spain, England and the Philippines. The second is to separate the Kurdish issue from the terror issue, to tackle th... more

How many more children should die?

Nine centuries ago the Crusaders invaded Islamic cities from Antakya to Jerusalem. They had cut the Muslims with their swords and had kicked the Palestinians and Syrians out of their homelands.Cadi El-Haravi, who departed from Damascus, which was occ... more

Will the reconciliation process resume?

Let start with an outline of the “reconciliation process…”The reconciliation process started on March 21, 2013, which is the start of spring (Nevruz). This process was ended for good when two police officers were martyred in Suruç in July 2015.Solvin... more

Sounds of Takbir in Maryland

A large, twin minaret, single domed mosque with the mark of Turkey in its Suleymaniye-styled, Selimiyesque architecture in Maryland, just beside US capital, Washington, DC… It was constructed with the külliye, or social complex logic: it contains eve... more

Thank you Mr. President!

We are in the US capital, Washington, DC with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for the nuclear summit.The president's US visit was fraught with discussions of whether there would be a meeting with US President Barack Obama. President Erdoğan will be me... more


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