From Sharif Hussein to Saleh Muslim - AYDIN ÜNAL

From Sharif Hussein to Saleh Muslim

The British and French wanted to own the rich oil reserves in the Middle East and take control over the entire Middle East. The only way to achieve this was to topple the Ottoman Empire and end the caliphate. At of the start of the 1900s, they worked in fine detail on all ethnicities, religions, sects, groups, movements, organizations et cetera in the Middle East, except for the Turks and Kurds. They spent big bucks on all media outlets, associations, foundations and organizations and provoked an uprising.

Sharif Hussein was extremely enthusiastic about destroying the Ottoman Empire from the inside. He promised the British to stab the Ottomans in the back. In exchange, he received a large amount of gold, weapons and promises from the British. Sharif Hussein would be the sole ruler of the entire Arab geography spanning from Aden in the south to Adana in the north, Basra in the East and Gaza in the west and he would run these vast lands through his sons. The British had also promised to make him caliph. In 1918, he declared “jihad” against Turks. By the end of 1918, together with the French and British, he got the Turks out of the entire Middle East.

The Ottomans had been sent and Istanbul, the center of the caliphate was also occupied. Now it was time to keep the promise made to Sharif Hussein. First, the French objected to Syria and told the British, “Hang on, stop there, Syria is ours and that was the agreement in Sykes-Picot.” Sharif Hussein was not aware of the Sykes-Picot agreement. The British said, “Okay, you are leaving now,” and with that, he left. The British told Sharif Hussein, “Do not stick your nose into Palestine, we are going to establish a Jewish state there,” and Hussein was in no state to object, so he complied but that wasn't all that happened. The British took Hejaz, Mecca and Medina, Sharif Hussein's own lands too from him and the Saudi family took over the administration.

He paid a very hefty price for betrayal and ambition. There was neither liberty, independence, nor caliphate.

If only it was contempt that was left behind.

A single family, as a matter of fact a single man, cooperating with the British against Muslims, his ambition and betrayal, turned the Middle East in to a bloodbath that is yet to dry up after a century.

The blood continuing to be shed in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Palestine even today is the result of the unending, undying heavy betrayal and ambition.

The supposedly socialist Kurdistan Workers' Party's (PKK) armed wing in Syria, the People's Protection Units (YPG), seeking its future in the support of the capitalist/imperialist U.S., is reminiscent of the ambition and betrayal of a century ago.

A century ago, the West, unlike the majority of Arabs, could not encourage the Kurds and Turks to betray and rebel against the Ottomans. Now, they want to use Turks through modern Lawrences like Fetullah Gülen, or instruments agents like Saleh Muslim, who are disguised as socialists, to use Kurds for their own bloody interests.

Gülen got what he deserved and will continue to get it. These lands stopped not only a coup but also a new “Sharif Hussein” incident.

What about Saleh Muslim? Will Muslim and his terrorist be able to learn from history? Or will they too lead the ambition and betrayal that has been witnessed in this region over and over again and leave behind a wreck again?

There is no need at all for deep analyses or complex comments. One does not need to be a clairvoyant to see that the U.S. has no tolerance for a socialist state in the Middle East or an independent state that can remain Muslim.

It seems the PKK/YPG has long sold its ideology as well as its honor to capitalism/imperialism. By God's grace, may the Kurds avoid falling into this trap.

Sharif Hussein, who, after his ambition and betrayal, was unable to find what he wanted, had made a very sorrowful speech in Mecca and said:

“Today, the Arabs have no union whatsoever, they have almost disintegrated. Arab countries have separated from one another. The majority of Arabs are accusing me, because of this, to have sold their countries to the U.K. and its interests. This implication will remain a legacy to the fame and honor of my dynasty, it will tarnish its clean history… I request the British people appreciate the extremely important duty and responsibility I undertook by pleasing me in this aspect and ask that their noble families be fair in terms of their loyal allies, the Arabs…”

Nobody has the right to make the people of the Middle East go through this destruction, sorrow, weakness and helplessness over and over again. The Kurds especially do not deserve this.


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