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How many more children should die?

Nine centuries ago the Crusaders invaded Islamic cities from Antakya to Jerusalem. They had cut the Muslims with their swords and had kicked the Palestinians and Syrians out of their homelands.

Cadi El-Haravi, who departed from Damascus, which was occupied, and arrived in Baghdad, made the following speech in tears at the Sultan's palace:

“Our brothers in Syria have no other place than the saddle of a camel or the stomach of a vulture.

How much blood has been shed!

How many beautiful girls had to cover their innocent faces because of embarrassment.

Muslims have never been humiliated this much and their countries have never been devastated this much!”

The tragedy that happened nine centuries ago is repeated today under much worse conditions.

Palestinians have been kicked out of their homeland, Iraqis have suffered great tragedies and Syrians have once again come to the point that they have no other place than the “saddle of a camel” or the “stomach of a vulture.”

Yemen, Egypt, and Afghanistan are bleeding.

Muslims in Asia and the Balkans are mourning.

There is an important difference between the tragedy experienced in the Islamic region because of the Crusaders nine centuries ago and the current tragedy:

Nine centuries ago Muslims were persecuted by the Crusaders. But now Muslims are persecuting their own brothers, rather than by the followers of the Crusaders,

In Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, and Libya, the ones saying “La ilaha illallah” are killing each other.

Bombs are exploding in our mosques as people performing Salaat (prayer) are being killed. But the killers are those who belong to a different mosque.

Even the Palestinians are spending their energy on fighting against each other, rather than being united against the inhumane massacres and genocides they have been experiencing.

The terror organizations, which emerge in this chaotic environment, are doing their best to worsen the desperate situation we are in.

Organizations claiming that they are Muslims are shedding the blood of Muslims unmercifully, cruelly, and remorselessly in the region covering Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somali, and Nigeria.

ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, and Al-Shabaab are targeting only Islam and Muslims, which facilitates the efforts of the enemies of Islam.

When will this desperate scene come to an end?

When will the shedding of Muslim blood, which has been going on for over a century, stop?

Every Muslim is asking himself these questions.

But rather than getting the answers to these questions, they watch as Muslims are being fragmented into even more divisions. They are becoming greater enemies against each other, and are intending to kill each other more than before.

We, the Muslims, suffered for the first time in Karbala.

Hazret Hussain, the blessed grandson of our Master the Hazret, was martyred by those who claimed to be Muslims.

The martyrdom of our Master Hazret Hussain in Karbala was an exemplary case for the alliance of the Islamic ummah. However, rather than embracing each other after this martyrdom, the Muslims chose to be fragmented into more divisions and move away from each other even more.

Fourteen centuries after Karbala, we are witnessing tragedies, each of which are reminders of Karbala.

Children are being killed, women are raped, people are running away from their houses and their homelands. Thousands of homeless and stateless Muslims pass away in the Aegean waters or in the cold deserts of Russia.

And those who remain in their houses and homelands are living face-to-face with death every moment.

While there was only one Yazid 14 centuries ago, there is a Yazid behind each stone today. All kinds of violence is being carried out in order to turn every inch of the Islamic region into Karbala.

Although there is an alternative, to build a brotherly civilization on the holy blood of Hazret Hussain, those who pretend to be the followers of Hazret Hussain and Hazret Ali, are in fact feeding the hatred of Yazid. They don't abstain from shedding the blood of Muslims.

However the answer Muslims are looking for is in fact very easy and simple.

Having unity can spoil all these games.

If the sense of brotherhood is reactivated, it can destroy all kinds of traps.

Common attitudes and unity in decision-making can upset the balance and invalidate all their nefarious plans.

If the administrators of Muslim countries can leave aside the differences, as well as personal and aggressive interests, and only speak up, it can turn the current desperate situation into an oasis full of hope.

An Islamic attitude and a conscious stance to be put forth against Israel, Assad and sectarian fanaticism can create a hopeful atmosphere in the hearts of all Muslims.

A ground of alliance to be established against the greedy ones who increase their oil revenues as long as the Muslims' blood is shed can even change the direction of the world.

The blood being shed is not just the blood of Palestinians, Syrians, Iraqis, and the Yemenis -- it is our blood.

The people who are killed are our people.

When will we obey the order: “Hold firmly to the rope of Allah”?

When will we kill the fear of death in ourselves? When will we swallow our personal and never-ending greed?

How many more Muslims should be killed, how many children should be left as orphans, how many women should be raped before we wake up?

Before they are called by Allah and the nation to account, each Muslim administrator should immediately account for himself and raise his voice against this violence.

The malediction of the oppressed is resounding through the heavens, that when Allah's help comes, all the people who had not stood by the flag of Islam and alliance will become losers.


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