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‘Smart’ Fetullahists

Last week, I listed 18 articles regarding the likely results of the judicial theater staged in the U.S. and stated in the last two articles that the case would further increase the pressure on Turkey and the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) members around the world.

Fetullahists, who have been revived with the judicial theater, who have stuck out their disgusting noses once again through social media, online media, started an attack campaign during the past week because of this article.

What did they expect?

They were going to conduct a new operation against Turkey through the case in the U.S., provide logistical support for the judicial theater they are performing with the judge and prosecutors they set up and the information and documents provided through spying, and expect their men who are here and spread across the globe to remain in peace. Is that so?

Fetullah Gülen is an extremely ambitious terror organization ringleader. He is so overwhelmed by this ambition that he does not refrain at all from the mass destruction of his organization members. The group called the Fetullah Terrorist Organization was a U.S. setup ever since the 1970s; Gülen was also aware that he was a servant of the U.S. While making efforts on one side for U.S. interests, on the other side, he would make efforts to satisfy his own ambitions.

Turkey knows that Gülen is merely an instrument, merely a puppet. The fight is against the force, the puppeteer that set up, planned and is using FETÖ, rather than against Gülen. Gülen thinks highly of himself and is, meanwhile, trying to settle his personal vendetta. In the 40-year process, statesmen kneeled before Gülen; he has a huge grudge against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who would not kneel before him, who would not backtrack, who humiliated him on many occasions. To take his revenge, he is ready to sacrifice not only Fetullahists, not only his followers, but even the world.

In the beginning, defendants would enter the FETÖ cases tried in various courts, primarily in Sincan and Silivri, with their heads held high, smiling, trying to show that their spirits were high. Now, there is no trace of that state. The defendants have come to realize that they will not be able to leave those cells. They have become aware of the fact that they have destroyed both their worldly life and afterlife. Heads have bent forward, they are dominated by despair, with the inclination to commit suicide further increased among the defendants.

The state of the free Fetullahists is not well either. They have lost their jobs. Their trade is over. Neither they, nor their wife and children are able to go out in public anymore.

While the nearly 250,000 “foolish” Fetullahists, who could not flee, and their families, numbering 1 million, are in this state, the “smart” ones who were able to escape are enjoying their time abroad with donation money, organizing new operations, making it further difficult for those left behind.

Ekrem Dumanlı, Adem Yavuz Arslan, Celil Sığır, Bülent Keneş, Abdülhamit Bilici, Erhan Başyurt, Emre Uslu, Akın İpek among many other Fetullahists, many undertakers like Can Dündar, saw the risk, were forewarned of what would happen and fled abroad. Now, from those locations, they are talking through their hats.

Time and time again, the photographs of the fugitive Fetullahists in the U.S. are on media. They seem to be doing great.

It is not difficult to guess how they live: They eat their apple pies or cheesecakes on a daily basis at Dunkin’ Donuts, sipping their peppermint mochas or brown-sugar coffees on the side. They do their morning exercise, go on nature walks with the children, live in villas, drive luxurious cars… As they took advantage of shopping opportunities on Black Friday, as they are preparing for Christmas, there is no doubt that they are filling their shopping carts at the malls. While freely trotting through U.S. cities wearing designer clothing, they are waiting excitedly for spring to come, for trees to bloom in color during the cherry blossom days. They gather around the dinner table in the evening with the family and discuss how their day was, school notes, career plans, et cetera. From time to time, they take to the keyboard, posting a few tweets talking about how “the cause requires sacrifice,” that “they are like butterflies attracted to the fire,” that “Prophet Muhammad comes to the prisons and leads the prayer for the arrested,” that “salvation is near,” and continue their “American lifestyle” in peace.

If you ask about ringleader Gülen, he is living the life with his special servants at his Pennsylvania mansion. Of course, without any regard to his organization’s security problems, he is making plans for new attacks that will satiate his ambition.

Without a doubt, the case in the U.S. is going to make the conditions for the Fetullahists in Turkey more difficult. There can be no other result more natural than this.

If Gülen and the Fetullahists had any conscience, they would think about the conditions of those left behind and avoid attempting futile new operations through the Zarrab case. But there is no doubt that these remorseless people think, “to hell with the foolish left behind.”

The “free” and “smart” Fetullahists, who are both fueling the judicial theater and have restarted disbeliever attack campaigns, should know that Gülen does not give the smallest care about the “foolish” ones left behind. He has forsaken them all. He even acted like he did not recognize his closest companion Adil Öksüz. As a matter of fact, the forsaking of members is going to go as far as intra-organization executions.

Certain Fetullahists continuing to live does not serve the interests of neither Gülen nor U.S. intelligence. They should prepare for the extrajudicial organization executions approaching, rather than conduct an operation through the judicial theater.

Go and do a little reading on the history of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which is able to continue its existence through intra-organization executions. The moment you start to realize Gülen’s personal ambitions, you are not going to be able to save your lives. Even if you escape intra-organization execution, the lament of the “foolish” members you abandoned to their fate here is going to finish you.

Be careful when swallowing the anchovy pizzas you are scoffing down in New York, Washington or other cities; it might get stuck in your throat.


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