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Sounds of Takbir in Maryland

A large, twin minaret, single domed mosque with the mark of Turkey in its Suleymaniye-styled, Selimiyesque architecture in Maryland, just beside US capital, Washington, DC… It was constructed with the külliye, or social complex logic: it contains everything to meet all kinds of needs concerning education and culture… Classrooms, meeting rooms, conference halls, children's parks, museums, guesthouses, libraries… With the Turkish houses built beside the complex, the region is turned almost into a suburb of Istanbul, Bursa or Ankara.

The opening ceremony was just as grand as the Diyanet Center of America.

Thousands of Muslims from the US, Canada, Palestine, Syria, Pakistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Morocco among many others, as well as Christians, Buddhists, Hindus along with Americans from other faiths, all attended the opening.

It was an emotional scene… Parents telling their children, “This is a minaret, this is a mosque, look, Quran is being recited, they pray here,” was even enough to show what a great deed it was to build the center.

Just this opening alone made the US visit extremely meaningful, significant and historic.

The meeting at the newly opened complex with representatives of the Muslim community was just as emotional. The opinion leaders of the Islamic community in the US were pleased to be meeting with the leaders of the ummah, sharing their problems and wishes with them. They thanked them once more for everything they have done about the Syria issue and sincerely emphasized that they would be supporting Turkey in the fight against Fethullah Gülen.

President Erdoğan fulfilled major duties in the US on Friday, and held a long meeting with figures, of whom some are still on duty. They first got together with think tanks, the representatives of the Jewish community and businessmen.

US Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry came to the hotel where the president was staying and held a meeting with him. President Obama also had the opportunity to meet with our president within the scope of the nuclear summit.

I have been present at almost every official visit to the US since 2002. Visits were made during tough times and critical periods. I believe that this latest visit by President Erdoğan is the most important and productive visit in the last 14 years. It does not matter what the American and Americanized Turkish media write: Erdoğan made an impact in Washington, he left a mark, but what's most important is that, he left an indelible Turkish mark on Washington.


Looking at the approach of some circles in Turkey regarding President Erdoğan's US visit, it is impossible not to recall the Young Turks.

There is a mindset in Turks in Turkey and the US that feels closer to – and even like they belong more to – the US than they do to their own country, and naturally they see the US above the Turkish state.

It is not difficult to see these new Young Turks. They speak English just as well as an American and speak Turkish with an American accent. Their mentality and lifestyle is just as American as their tongue. Do not pay attention to their use of adjectives such as Gülenist, leftist, Kemalist, Kurdist, et cetera; they are all the servants of their masters. These new Young Turks are as American as the Young Turks were French to Turkey. If they have to stand somewhere between Turkey and the US, this mindset would side with the US without any hesitation.

This political attitude is not the manifestation solely of hostility toward the AK Party; they would still side with the US even if it was the Republican People's Party (CHP), Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) or the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) were in power.

It is this foreignization that underlies their dislike of the national will, their own people and the people's choice. They are anxious about the cracking of the despot, tyrant, authoritarian and heavy-handed dictatorial system they continued for 100-150 years, which is why they are accusing those who came with elections as dictators and authoritarian. They side not with the people but with their masters.

And because the US is very well aware of this and sees this, it is looking out for and protecting with all its might this mentality, these agents and spies who are trying to curry favor with the US.

“Wretched” is probably the most suitable adjective to describe those who insult their country and the president elected by their country on the streets of Washington as much as on social media…


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