There are two main ideas in Turkey about the solution to the Kurdish issue and the terror issue. The first is to sit at the table like Spain, England and the Philippines. The second is to separate the Kurdish issue from the terror issue, to tackle the terror issue and take democratic steps.

The table option was first tried after the Kurdistan Workers' Party's (PKK) leader Abdullah Öcalan was arrested in 1999. The Democratic Left Party (DSP), Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and Motherland Party (ANAP) were in power. They started to engage in dialogue with Öcalan on İmrali Island, where he is imprisoned. Öcalan called out to the armed wing of the PKK and asked them to leave Turkey. The PKK obeyed this call and started to retreat from Turkey. However, somehow something that did not want the terror issue to end stepped in and carried out an operation on the withdrawing PKK elements and thus stopped the process.

The MHP's statement that “terrorism ended during our government” is absolutely groundless. Yes, an important opportunity arose to end terror during the MHP's days in power, but this opportunity was sabotaged. The PKK grew, became more furious and started its attacks during this period.

The table option was brought into light once again in 2013. This new period, known as the reconciliation process, once again started with Öcalan's call. The PKK stated that it would conform to this call, yet didn't abide by its word. Besides not withdrawing from Turkey, the armed elements started a parallel state organization under a civilian guise. This period came to an end with the attacks in Ağrı and then Suruç in the southeast, martyring two police officers.

It became clear that the “table” option that worked in Spain, England and the Philippines would not work in Turkey, and could not effectively be applied.

This has very simple reasons: First of all we are face to face with sub-contracting organizations that are easily used by international intelligence organizations, that supposedly use the Kurdish issue as an excuse, yet do not have an ideology at all and instead use terrorism as a tool for trade. Bitter experiences have shown us that it is impossible to solve this issue by just speaking to the terror organization.

This period has also proven that the HDP cannot be perceived as a political contact. It is now clear that a party that is sometimes socialist, sometimes fascist, sometimes anti-imperialist, mostly imperialist; a party that cooperates with the parallel structure, the Republican People's Party (CHP), the EU, US, Russia, Iran and Syrian leader Bashar Assad when it needs to; a party that cannot think for itself; a party that cannot keep itself clear of the tutelage of politics, cannot contribute to the reconciliation process at all.

We all know that the PKK or the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) does not represent Kurds as a whole, and that it is not favored by all Kurds.

Turkey has developed its own authentic method to combat both the Kurdish and terror issues.

The fight on terror has continued and will continue in a decisive and uncompromising manner. None of the mistakes that were made in the past are being repeated. No credence is given to the approach that pushed people into the arms of the PKK by oppressing them. An effective battle is in progress with the coordination of security and intelligence units.

Important steps are also being taken in terms of protecting civilians, establishing peace and security and recovering losses.

We have a table that we sit around with our Kurdish brothers and sisters.

This table has never fallen apart and never will. We will continue to discuss and solve our issues around this table.

Yet, neither the HDP nor the PKK will be welcomed to this table.

To invite the HDP and the PKK to the table is clearly a trap.

The statements of Western countries and our possessed intellectuals on negotiating with the PKK and the HDP at the table, is nothing but trying to protect the PKK.

Putting an end to terror means Turkey will advance. Putting an end to terror means Turkey will be “out of control” and will become a fully independent power.

This issue will either end now, or God forbid, it will never end.

Having the PKK or the HDP at the table means that this end will only be delayed. Besides, the PKK/HDP neither has the power to sit at this table nor deserves the honor.

Turks and Kurds will never leave this family table; they will never allow vampires to be seated at this table; hopefully they will never allow this table to be turned into a lion's den.


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