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Thank you Mr. President!

We are in the US capital, Washington, DC with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for the nuclear summit.

The president's US visit was fraught with discussions of whether there would be a meeting with US President Barack Obama. President Erdoğan will be meeting with both US President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. As a matter of fact, meeting with Obama, who will be leaving the position in November and already somewhat concluded his presidency with his visit to Cuba, will be a minor detail in this trip. Erdoğan's US visit has more important and historical aspects.

Good news started to arrive before we even left the plane. It was first confirmed that Mihraç Ural was killed. Ural, who was Syrian leader Bashar Assad's militia branch, carried out savage massacres in the Syrian war, and just like the Butcher of Bosnia Radovan Karadzic, he too inhumanely tortured Muslims. The attack in Reyhanlı, which killed 52 people, was also Ural's work. The Butcher of Syria had many fans in Turkey, too. Some were saddened by his death, but grieving families in particular, most were relatively relieved.

Another piece of great news received while on the plane was our national team's victory against Austria. With the intense efforts of Chief Adviser Mustafa Varank, the match was displayed on the screen via the Internet. Despite interruptions from time to time, the goals excited the viewers, especially President Erdoğan.

As the presidential plane approached Washington, a “We Love You Erdoğan" campaign was started on social media. Suddenly hundreds of thousands of messages were posted on Twitter under this hashtag. Interestingly, after a while, the hashtag was removed. It is obvious that Twitter could not accept this love and enthusiasm toward the world leader. Erdoğan was greeted with great love, not only on social media but also in front of the hotel where the delegation would be staying. Our citizens in Washington and other supporters were gathered in front of the hotel to see the world leaders and made it a joyous welcoming with their flags, placards and cheering.

The first meeting in Washington was held with the representatives of US's leading think tank institutions. The president was asked questions on Syria, Iran, Russia, the EU, Israel, Cyprus, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and Daesh. Fethullah Gülen's organization, the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ) and their operations in the US were among the topics discussed.

President Erdoğan is a leader who has admirers in all corners of the world. The representatives of US think tanks are not hiding this either. However, Turkey's policy toward Syrian refugees and warning about the Belgium attackers, it seems, had a tremendous impact in the US In this meeting, we frequently heard the statement, “Thank you, Mr. President, for keeping the Syrian border open and sharing intelligence with Europe against terrorism."

Several important meetings and conferences will be held here during his US visit. Directors of big companies, the Jewish community, opinion leaders, and the representatives of US media will meet with President Erdoğan.

Also, numerous state and government heads will be meeting with Erdoğan within the scope of the nuclear summit.

The most important part of the US visit is the Turkish American Culture and Civilization Center that will be opened in Maryland. This huge complex built by the Presidency of Religious Affairs (DIB), is the largest Islamic center in the US President Erdoğan was closely involved in the construction of this complex from the very beginning. This great monument which will open on Saturday if going to be one of Erdoğan's largest works outside Turkey. Let us be reminded that immediately after the opening, Erdoğan will also meet with US Muslims and a group of Muslim students in the US.

President Erdoğan is continuing to advance on the path he believes is right and to tell the truth without paying heed to the smear campaigns, perception manipulation operations, traps and plots against him. It is his unshakeable determination that has made him a world leader. Those who have expectations from Qandil, Daesh, Russia and Fethullah Gülen against Erdoğan, will, just like Mihraç Ural's companions, face disappointment. Like Twitter, Facebook and many others, the media which no longer feels the need to hide its enmity will also sooner or later step back in the face of this determination.

Erdoğan pays attention to the Creator and the feelings of the people rather than to the Western media, lobbies, social media campaigns and perception manipulation operations. This is why he always ends up being right.

Those who are unable to see that Erdoğan's civilization vision, the sensitivity he has developed not only for the region but the entire world, will end up kissing the feet of the refugee in Vatican whose head they did not caress in Syria.


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