The EU and Turkey: who is moving away from who? - AYDIN ÜNAL

The EU and Turkey: who is moving away from who?

Both in the West and in our borders, it is being argued that Turkey is distancing itself from the European Union, violating its values and rules and that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's policies are the main reason for this.

All these claims are unfounded.

The expression “The pot calling the kettle black" is good enough to explain this situation.

Turkey is not moving away from the EU, quite the opposite, the EU is distancing itself from Turkey. Turkey is not splitting from the EU, the EU is splitting from Turkey. Thus European values are not violated by Turkey but Europe itself.

On the night of July 15, a coup was attempted against the country's elected president and Parliament. In other words the national will was attacked.

What was expected from Europe? It was expected that Europe stood against this coup without looking at who was behind it. Did they stand against it? No.

Did they adopt a clear, determined and sincere attitude against the coup and the coup plotters in the days that followed? No.

They stood and watched to see what would happen, just like they did when Egypt's democratically elected President Mohammed Morsi was brought down in Egypt. They were insincere in their attitude and this hesitant attitude further empowered the coup plotters.

The statements they made recently and the attitude they have adopted have revealed their true faces. They no longer feel the need to hide the fact that they are unhappy with Turkey fighting against the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ). By supporting the political structures, the media and the journalists that propagate these terrorist organizations, they show exactly where they stand.

The EU secretly supported the July 15 coup attempt, openly defended FETÖ and the PKK and opened irrecoverable wounds between Turkey and itself.

A country that is not run under a dictatorship, or led by coup plotters can continue this relationship. No country would sit and watch while its security, solidarity, future, economy and democracy is openly attacked.

Isn't it time we discussed and questioned this “taboo"?

Is turning to the West, following in their footsteps and being a member of their union of any benefit to us? Will we ever benefit from this?

They say “economy." Does the Turkish economy really need the EU to grow? Is our import and export with the EU dependent on the negotiations we have with the EU? Or do the realities of the economy create these figures? Do international investors look at EU negotiations before investing in Turkey? If the EU broke ties with Turkey, would our economy be negatively affected? Or will Turkey be freed from its chains including the Customs Union Agreement?

What kind of an advantage does the EU have on our foreign policy? For example, have they found a solution for the refugee crisis? Or are they supporting us in the fight against the PKK, FETÖ and Daesh? Will they solve the Cyprus issue or will they find a solution for the Armenian problem? Or do they have a solution for the Palestine problem, which is the reason for many problems in the region?

What about democratization? Does the EU really contribute to Turkey's democratization? Wouldn't the steps Turkey has been taking toward democratization and the reforms it made, be possible if EU negotiations were not in our lives? Who can argue that the EU, which clearly stood behind the July 15 coup attempt, has a problem with Turkey's democratization? Freedom of the press, freedom of speech... Will Europe, which allowed PKK leader Cemil Bayık to make a teleconference from Qandil, but did not allow the elected president of Turkey to make a teleconference to advise us about freedom of speech? Will Europe, which stood behind Can Dündar, a journalist who hates his country and the president of that country, but stood against Edward Snowden who spread the dirty business of the world, be fit to advise us about freedom of the press? Can they preach to us about freedom of speech, after the pressure on the Guardian or after remaining quiet when the Cicero was attacked?

Turkey is not moving away from Europe as Turkey was never close to Europe. In other words, Turkey was never allowed to take a step forward or a step back.

Turkey is now discussing its relations with Europe on a fair base. Turkey ending its dependency on Europe, will absolutely win.

In short, this is not Turkey's problem, but instead Europe's. Europe will either establish a relation with Turkey on a fair and honest basis or they can suit themselves.


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