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You were all there

The Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ) has a 50-year past. We know that it went through all coups only to come out stronger; that it was protected by the coup plotters and that it was protected by most governments after 1980. I would like to especially remind: FETÖ was favored and protected not only by right-wing governments, but also the left-wing governments, the Bülent Ecevit government in particular.

We know that FETÖ started to steal the entrance exam for the military high schools since 1980 and initiated an organization within the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) to this day.

Despite this reality, the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and in particular President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, a co-founder of the AK Party, is trying to be blamed for the power this organization has achieved.

It is enough to ask a single question to those who say “Erdoğan is the one responsible for the growth and power of Fetullah [Gülen, the leader of FETÖ]”: What would have happened if Erdogan was not around?

I won't make nonsense statements like, “If it were not for him, we would not exist.” But, if Erdoğan did not resist against an organization, that has been growing for 50 years, if he had not defended his country against this organization and had surrendered instead, what kind of a country would Turkey have turned into today?

If we didn't have Erdoğan's courage and wisdom, we surely would have been living in Gülenistan today.

No; I am not talking about the July 15 coup attempt. Because July 15 was only able to get a hold of the bridge, Çengelköy, TRT, and places like Türksat for a while.

Yet, we experienced a successful coup, which turned this country into Gülenistan for a while.

We never really talked about Dec. 17, 2013, did we?

On the morning of Dec. 17, Gülenist judges and attorney generals, together with Gülenist police officers, started an operation under the pretext of “bribery and corruption.”

The jurisdiction was under Gülenist domination; no one was in a situation to object or withstand.

The Police Force, too, was under the domination of Gülenist police officers and chiefs; resistance was not an option.

Moreover, the media had surrendered to the operation as soon as the operation started. There was no media outlet, except for a group (those called the pool media) resisting. Media bosses, foundations, workers, authors and journalists had all surrendered to the operation.

The businessmen who did not support the Gülenists were taken into custody by the police. Their capitals were directly appropriated by the organization. Even Turkey's biggest holding had surrendered.

We all know how the opposition surrendered to the Dec. 17 coup attempt. This devotion continued into the night of July 15. The opposition was under Gülen's domination and working like a subcontractor for the organization – it was actually built to do so.

Turkey had become “Gülenistan” since the morning of Dec. 17. There was no objection, rioting or resistance. The coup was successful. Right until, then Prime Minister Erdoğan said, “We will not kneel,” in Konya during the Housing Development Administration of Turkey's (TOKİ) opening ceremony.

Erdoğan's determined and courageous attitude was enough to shake the coup from that moment onward.

At a time when everyone had dropped to their knees and surrendered to an organization that had been planning for 50 years to turn Turkey into “Gülenistan,” Erdogan was the first and only leader to defend and then start to attack by saying “We will enter their dens.”

It is easy to defame the AK Party and Erdoğan with statements like “You cradled FETÖ”... Please be conscientious... If Erdoğan was not as courageous and astute, we would have all been living in Gülenistan today. Isn't this true? You would all be living there right now...


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