Why is the US amassing tanks in Greece under the guise of war games? Is Turkey the target?

The military base the U.S. built in the Greek city of Alexandroupoli has turned into a giant arsenal as it attempts to solidify its presence in the Balkans and Aegean and besiege Turkey and Syria. The Pentagon has deployed at least 400 tanks and over 1,000 armored vehicles to the city not 60 km away from Turkey. While a portion of the vehicles de-boarding two cargo ships was sent to Bulgaria and Romania for NATO exercises, some stayed in Alexandroupoli. Furthermore, the Pentagon positioning 30 fighter jets in Alexandroupoli indicates that it’s either flexing its muscles at Turkey, or that Turkey itself is being targeted. Stating that Alexandroupoli is being used for the first time in the transport of tracked vehicles, a U.S. commander said, "This is a turning point!!!”

Within the scope of the U.S. strategy to control the Aegean Sea and East Mediterranean, its plan to transform Greece into a military base dependent on it is continuing full swing. Desiring both a permanent and rotating military presence in Greece, the U.S. plans to increase the number of its military bases in the country through bilateral defense agreements. In a report prepared by the Greek defense and foreign ministries on military bases, it is stated that 22 regions have been proposed to America. It was deemed that the island of Skyros would be a no-brainer choice for the U.S. because of its strategic location. While U.S. forces currently use the Souda Base and Alexandroupoli port in Crete, the air base in Larissa and Stefanovikio also plays host to U.S. aircraft.

They will send intelligence to headquarters

After reconnaissance activities conducted by U.S. authorities in Alexandroupoli, it decided to establish a new generation radar surveillance center capable of scanning the Meriç region and the straits, as well as the northern Aegean islands. The U.S. will feed the images and intelligence it gets from the system that it plans to implant on Alexandroupoli, Samothrace, and the peak of Maroneia found on the province of Rhodope into the headquarters it intends to establish on the port of Alexandroupoli through satellite and a terrestrial link. The radar surveillance center to be established will be unmanned and fully equipped. Simultaneously, activity in the Straits will be monitored. The resolution of all images and data transferred from these centers will be analyzed and evaluated at the center to be established in Alexandroupoli and transferred to Athens and the relevant authorities, respectively.

Patrolling with Heron                                                                                                                                                                                          

Greece has started to protect its maritime borders by using the unmanned aerial vehicle HERON for the the first time. Last week, the IAI Heron drone, starting from Crete Island’s Timpakio Military Airport, conducted a 14-hour control flight all along its maritime borders along the 12 Greek islands, the Northern Aegean, and up to the Meriç region. 

A so-called military exercise on Turkey’s borders. Turkey is the clear target                                                                                                                      

Isn’t it interesting that the joint Greek and American military drills in Alexandroupoli and Xanthi happened to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the Greek rebellion during the reign of the Ottoman Empire?

Pay attention to Greek and US provocations

Existent tensions between Turkey and Greece in the East Med and Aegean regions could become take on a more provocative state as Athens and Washington prepare to take fresh steps. It seems that tension lines between Turkey and Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean are becoming more pronounced. Let's pay attention to these lines. We need to recognize Greece's military moves and attempts to identify the Turkish minority in Thrace as Muslim by stripping it of its Turkish identity as a grave ploy.

We are going through a period in which Turkey’s foreign and defense ministries, as well as the country’s National Intelligence Organization, need to meticulously interpret every move made in the East Med and Aegean. Because, Athens and Washington are preparing the ground for a dangerous game in Eurasia and along the Northern-Southern axis. Especially in recent days, shameless statements aimed at provoking Turkey with the support of the U.S. are frequently being made by Greece. A word of advice to the Greeks: Do not trust the U.S., especially BIDEN! You won’t even notice him nodding off.

You have been warned!

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Why is the US amassing tanks in Greece under the guise of war games? Is Turkey the target?
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