Population growth is of strategic importance for Türkiye

Population has different effects on the economic situations and social structures of countries.

Population growth leads to a particularly negative situation in terms of job opportunities, housing, food, and other needs, especially for low-income and developing countries, while low population growth within developed and wealthy countries becomes a serious threat.

Interestingly, the rate of population growth remains relatively low in high-income countries, while it is high in low-income and middle-income countries.


For many developing countries with low and middle incomes, an increase in the number of people, along with an increase in the qualified workforce within the population, will be an important input for the rise of the group of high-income countries and the high technological level of production.

Population growth, on one hand, becomes a significant driving force for the economy due to the high consumption potential it will cause in the economy and the investment and production that will be accelerated as a result.

On the other hand, it is a fact that population growth, both in terms of numbers and the qualified workforce it contains, has become an important factor for production, namely human capital.

Just as capital is in high-income countries, population and qualified labor force are in low and middle-income countries. Thus, in low and middle-income countries, population and qualified labor force serve as the fundamental production factor to complement the lack of capital.

Therefore, especially due to the qualified workforce possessed by middle-income countries, the potential for these countries to change their income group is higher.


Population is an important force for the economy in Türkiye.

It is clear that investments in education, health, housing, and other necessary investments for the population strengthen the dynamic structure of the economy, in addition to the potential consumption amount and patterns provided by the population.

On the other hand, it is undisputed that the ability of many middle-income and high-income countries to easily find the qualified workforce they need is the most important wealth.

Therefore, for Türkiye, it becomes an important policy to retain the qualified workforce in the economy, especially in many important sectors where qualified labor is more visible, such as the defense sector, and to compete globally.

Therefore, an increase in the population growth rate has strategic importance in many aspects.

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Population growth is of strategic importance for Türkiye
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