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Turkey is not hopeless finding an alternative in energy

Energy has many variables within it. First of all, it is intangible for countries. Both buyer and seller countries are interdependent and these countries have responsibilities to international law. Besides, when countries are mostly dependent on inco... more

Cost of Russia's bluff also on Russia

The question of sanctions on energy that has loomed since day one of the jet crisis between Russia and Turkey has come to nothing because of mutual dependency between the two countries.However, an announcement from Russian gas supplier Gazprom, which... more

Crescent in Africa: Turkey

The close relations President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan established with African countries and the importance he attached to them during his tenure as prime minister have continued. The African tours he took after being elected president in 2014 have now ... more

Syria between Turkey's mercy and Europe's plan

The Syrian refugee problem that began with the arrival of Syrian refugees in Turkey in 2011 is no longer solely Turkey's problem, but has become the hottest humanitarian problem in the world.According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refug... more

Iran's arbitrative adjustment to the high natural gas price

Turkey's second-highest natural gas supplier is Iran. Turkey managed to sustain its energy trade with Iran despite many problems in a time Iran was isolated from the world. Turkey pays the most for the gas it buys from Iran when compared to Russia an... more

Where is Iran running?

A new era started after removal of years of international sanctions on Iran, for which its nuclear program was the reason.This process does not only concern Iran and Western countries; regional dynamics will be reshaped.It is obvious that Iran, almos... more

Davos Economic Summit

The World Economic Forum, known as the Davos Summit, has been accepted as one of the prominent summits in the international arena. This summit, which is attended by representatives from politics, economy, business and nongovernmental organizations, h... more

A new move is necessary for direct foreign investments

During this period, in which global conditions have become vague and risks have increased, Turkey has no choice but to increasingly continue its economic growth. To achieve this, it needs to ensure the required capital from international markets seam... more

Oil as a political conflict instrument

The history of tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia goes back to the past.Even if they are both Muslim countries, the relationship between these two countries as the example for “enemy brothers” has been carried to a dangerous dimension again after ... more

What awaits the economy in 2016?

Expectations from the Turkish economy, which closed 2015 successfully, the year of the June 7 and November 1 general elections, uncertainty after June 7, war in Syria and Iraq, the Federal Reserve Bank's (Fed) interest hike, the Syrian refugee crisis... more

The test of oil exporter countries with oil

If we were to ask, “What was the most important topic in terms of energy in 2015?" the answer would undoubtedly be, “the dramatic fall in petrol prices."The countries that have been negatively affected by this are of course the countries that export ... more

No energy equation can be established without Turkey

Turkey managed to turn its geopolitical position, which it had not been able to use for years, into an advantage by trusting its recent political and economic stability and reached the level of being a strong variable of the regional energy equation.... more

Cards Redistributed in the Energy Game

The tension with Russia, escalated and dragged on by Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin, has led to a new direction in Turkey's energy policies. The Russian crisis will determine Turkey's energy road map in the near term. In the aftermath of... more


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