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Will Russia be able to use the energy weapon?

The crisis between Turkey and Russia that started after the rule that has to be applied on whichever country violates the airspace was applied on the Russian jet has been going on. The expressions made by Russia reached a new dimension after the pack... more

Will the Turkey-Russia conflict reflect on energy?

The hottest topic on the agenda is how the crisis that started after the downing of the Russian jet that violated Turkish airspace would affect the relationship between the two countries.The first question to come to mind is how the political tension... more

Has a new world order arisen from G20?

The G20 Summit over which Turkey presided gathered the world's countries in Antalya. The issues discussed in G20 were already important. The Paris attacks which took place just before the Summit increased the importance of the message that would emer... more

What should Turkey's message to the G-20 be?

Having officially taken over the G-20 term presidency in 2015, Turkey will host the G-20 Leaders' Summit in Antalya on 15-16 November 2015.Assuming the presidency of the G-20, which represents 80 percent of world trade, 90 percent of the world econom... more

What must be a new 'Economy Story'?

The discussion of economy only in election promises and constant efforts to create a crisis perception in the period leading up from June 7 to Nov. 1 is left behind. Within this five-month period we saw that political instability leads to the slowd... more

What will Turkey's economic choice be on November 1?

Turkey's economy experienced two totally different periods before and after 2002. If the pre-2002-period is remembered with economic crises, debts, and poverty, the post-2002-economic-period can be identified with success.The power of the political t... more

Can Russia change the energy equation?

The "Insight Turkey Energy Security Panel" organized by the Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA) was held in Ankara yesterday. The main topic of the panel which had as speakers Okan Müderrisoğlu from Sabah newspaper, Associat... more

Could Russia take on Turkey?

Nowadays there are serious developments between Turkey and Russia. Since the beginning the two countries took a different approach to the incidents in Syria.Turkey was defending that the resolution in Syria would only be possible without Syrian leade... more

Pro-tutelage circles are on stage again

The pro-tutelage circles, who have blocked Turkey for several years, kept the nation and the economy imprisoned in a confined space, taken side with supporters of the existing conditions (the status quo), not the people, are on the stage once again. ... more

How far can the economy go without political stability?

After the political scene that emerged on June 7, Turkey witnessed a process to form a government which it hasn't experienced for a long time. When the political uncertainty that emerged in this process merged with the clashes going on in our neighbo... more

Will the CHP make restoration?

These days the pursuit of the coalition is in the center of the agenda, now that the meetings between the AK Party and CHP came to an end. CHP's restoration statement comes at the top of the subjects which were outstanding and could not be agreed up... more

Is the Turkish economy fragile?

The group, which includes Brazil, India, Indonesia, Turkey and the countries in South Africa, is also referred to as the “fragile quintet”. The common trait of these countries is; being developing economies, coming out ahead of the economic crises by... more


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