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Two rising powers: Turkey and China

A crowded group under President Erdoğan's leadership is conducting a program that includes China, Indonesia and Pakistan. Each one of the stops in the trip is important; however, we need to open a separate topic for China.Turkey and China are two dif... more

This shouldn't be Turkey's agenda

The plans of those who wanted to have a voice in the changing equilibrium of the Middle East in the 1990s were interrupted with Turkey's economic and political success in the 2000s.While the global economic crisis in 2008 was making the western count... more

It will become clear towards mid-August

Finally, the official procedure started processing; on the “Government Day”, President Erdoğan assigned Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu to establish the government. On the Government Day, in other words on Thursday, the day when the meeting of the Pre... more

Is Greece becoming the Cuba of Europe?

The referendum held in Greece on Sunday which resulted with “no” is a radical decision for Greece. It is seen that in Greece, Prime Minister Tsipras, who did not accept the austerity policies proposed by the Troika for the payment of the current deb... more

The coalition, but how?

The picture of the four parties that emerged as a result of the June 7 election indicates a coalition government which we haven't been used to for years in Turkey.The coalition means more than one party's developing and implementing a common policy. ... more

Why is economic growth important in election periods?

In the June 7 election, Turkey faced a result it hasn't seen for 13 years. We can explain the reasons for this result, which were unexpected and a surprise for many fractions, with a lot of factors from the political, social and economic point of vie... more

Economic costs of losing political stability could be heavy

There are important dates in Turkey's economy. One of these is the Menderes period, including the years 1950-1960; the second one is Özal's period that marked the years 1983-1989. The third period is the AK Party rulership that is the last circle of ... more

The presidential system and its economic perspective

The Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA) organized a symposium entitled “Presidential System Implementations and Road Map for Turkey” to which President Erdoğan attended and where the “Presidential System Implementations in t... more

It's update time for the Customs Union

The Customs Union Agreement, which came into effect on January 1, 1996, continued to be implemented without having any changes for the last 20 years. The agreement, which was appropriate for the conditions of that period and accepted to help the Turk... more

The 'Energy' in the election statements of political parties

As the June 7th general elections are approaching, the political parties are continuing to present pledges to their voters in many matters. The most prominent topic in the election statements is, once again, economy.One of those matters, “energy” is ... more


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