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New economic power balance in the Trump era

The long-running presidential race in the U.S. ended in favor of Donald Trump. The statements that the gap between Trump and Hillary Clinton shrank led to mobility in markets last week. Markets, which strongly reacted to even the possibility of Trump... more

Turkey opens the door to becoming an energy hub

The 23rd World Energy Conference has taken place in Istanbul bringing together the actors of the energy sector. The identities of these actors are very different; presidents, ministers of energy, representatives from the private sector, academics and... more

The world's energy is in Istanbul

The 23rd World Energy Conference commenced in Istanbul yesterday. The conference convenes once every three years. The first gathering, organized in 1924, was formerly known as the World Power Conference. The name had been changed in 1968, but it can ... more

The meaning of economic growth after July 15

The durability of Turkey's economy has been tested many times. The crisis with Russia, the uncertainty of the future of the Syrians and the global conditions of this year are enough as pressurizing factors. Despite all these, Turkey grew 3.1 percent ... more

Prominent topics at the G20 Summit

The G7/8 group, composed of the world's richest countries, has failed to satisfy in terms of solving the problems these countries have experienced, global economic growth and the comprehensiveness of this growth. Therefore, the idea that the countrie... more

Have the traces of July 15 on the economy been wiped out?

"Was the damage of the July 15 coup attempt of the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) on the economy wiped out?" With the answer we give to this question, we can evaluate the effect of the coup attempt on the economy. Many steps were taken immediately aft... more

The objective is a chaotic atmosphere, the target is Turkey

The attack that transpired in Gaziantep on Friday night once again showed us that Turkey's enemies have no rules or moral values. The attack being committed on civilians, especially during a wedding, clearly shows us that the aim of the terrorism we ... more

AK Party years in Turkey's economy

The Justice and Development Party (AK Party), which was established in Aug. 14, 2001, singularly came to power only 15 months later. Since this date, it managed to come out of all general and local elections as the victor party.While the AK Party rep... more

Summer weather in the relations with Russia

After the Russian jet was downed last November, the relations between Turkey and Russia were suspended. Afterwards, the political tension became reflected on the economic relations. At the end of the 9-month passage, the period of repairing relations... more

Turkish economy cannot be designed with a coup attempt

Ignoring the national will, the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ) that tried to stage a coup, targeted the political dynamics of this country. If the coup had been successful, FETÖ would have caused an economic chaos. But the “national will” that i... more

We should discuss Syrians' adaptation process

The “open door” policy that was implemented for five years to the refugees who came from Syria has been discussed in different aspects especially in the last two years. The discussion that initially condensed on whether to accept the Syrian refugees ... more


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