On what matters does the June 7 election differ from other elections? - ERDAL TANAS KARAGÖL

On what matters does the June 7 election differ from other elections?

The last 3 days remain before the election that has been spoken of for months and a lot of scenarios have been written on its results. The AK Party rulership continuing since 2002, just as the changes it made on the political, social and economic issues, also changed the election concept. In this respect, the June 7 election, including the political parties putting the economy into the center for the first time, differed from the other general elections.

Well, on what matters does the June 7 election differ from other elections?

The first outstanding thing is; before the parties appear before the voters, the election manifestos they launched to public opinion have been severely revised.

Just as it had happened in the 2002, 2007 and 2011 general elections, including the local election, referendum and the presidential elections, CHP establishing all its election campaign on the ideological polarization, for the first time gave up this statement .

CHP, putting the economy into the center of its election promise, even if it is a leftist party, never remembering the retirees and the poor and making them the subject of the meetings and talking about a fiction city named “mega project”, appeared before the voters.

Even the change in CHP is at such a dimension that; it gave place to the women wearing head scarves in its election ads, whom it did not allow in the universities, fired from the parliament.

But again, the status that the elitist mentality in CHP consider appropriate for the women with head scarves is working in the field and factory.

Electıon concept changed in Turkey

Even if the mentality of CHP is the same, changing its election appearance is actually as a result of the transformation that Turkish politics and the economy had experienced.

It is seen that; in the 13 years the point that the Turkish economy got out of the narrow pass where it was stuck has completely changed the content of their election promises of the opposition parties.

But even if the content changed, it justifiably caused heavy criticism since these promises were unrealistic, only for getting votes.

Actually, election promises being questioned and asked by the voters what the source was and being compared with the current gains are among the important points with which this election differs from the other elections.

In Turkey, there no longer is a voter profile that believes in the delusions presented as a solution to get rid of the desperation and economic crises.

The main actor in forming such a profile is; the AK Party rulership that makes all the political and economic decisions in accordance with the public willpower.

The AK Party, as the ruling party, as well as it changed the election campaigns of the opposition parties, finished the “election economy” understanding which is among the harmful habits of Turkish politics. Without considering the costs before every general election, there are not praxes towards effecting the decisions of the voters.

Even “the structural transformation reform package in economy ”, announced 10 months before the election, explicitly shows that they are not acting according to the election results, but for the benefits of the Turkish economy.

What happens to the economic stability on the morning of June 8?

Does the success in the economy that changed the direction and content of the June 7 election campaigns and became the source of the election promises continue after the elections as well?

On the morning of June 8, will there be a change in the economic stability?

The answer to these questions should be searched in the meeting speeches of the opposition parties telling what they will do when they come to power and the effort AK Party showed towards establishing the New Economy in spite of the general elections.

On the other hand, the feeling for not losing of the fractions that had great gains economically and socially, in the election period will be one of the most significant factors in terms of the voters' behavior. Because even if the young voters do not remember the statement in the past “whatever you take, we will give twice more” , the voters who lived in the 90s quite well know the heavy price of these promises.

No doubt that; the Turkish economy's success today did not come true through the absurd promises, but the rational and applicable policies. The political willpower, which succeeded to turn the economic ruin that it took over in 2002 into an economy that has been taken as a sample by developed and developing countries, in the second progress period has been aiming at establishing the New Economy .

That is the exact point where before and after the election the parties differ.



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