This shouldn't be Turkey's agenda - ERDAL TANAS KARAGÖL

This shouldn't be Turkey's agenda

The plans of those who wanted to have a voice in the changing equilibrium of the Middle East in the 1990s were interrupted with Turkey's economic and political success in the 2000s.

While the global economic crisis in 2008 was making the western countries more concerned, Turkey was increasing its power in the region with the political and economic gains it achieved.

Thus, Turkey became the source of inspiration for many countries, initially the Middle East, and also became one of the main actors.

Here, providing political stability in Turkey, the support the economic power gave and the construction of a safe environment played a big role. Moreover, although the political stability that is the guaranty of the economic development has been threatened several times, all the crises have been successfully handled and the economy continued its strong position.

Why is Turkey on target?

Turkey's political and economic power in the region led to the increase of an important geographical position in energy which is the actual reason why the world attaches importance to the Middle East.

Today, Turkey is at a point where the other agent countries in energy could not give up; it has no alternate and all the energy routes intersect there.

On the other hand, its fast recovery after the global crisis, the relations it established with the developing countries and its stance in the G-20, brought even more attention to Turkey. The vision that Turkey laid out has resulted with its G-20 term presidency. As is known, the G-20 summit will be held in November under Turkey's leadership in Antalya.

In global politics, the integration process that is strengthening the economic relationship among the BRICS countries of the developing countries, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, is rapidly continuing.

Recently the idea to establish a multi-national bank, that is going to be an alternate of the New Development Bank ( NDB ) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) , will interest Turkey closely.

Because it will afford an important opportunity, especially for the gigantic projects and developments in the economy.

The effort to passivize Turkey in the region

But, to counter Turkey's aim to be a central country in its region in many fields, initially in the energy field, we see that actions are increasingly being taken to keep the country away from the agenda.

After June 7, Turkey could not return back to its actual agenda . With the picture that appeared after the election, unfortunately, we are talking about the coalition, conflicts and the agenda of the old Turkey that consumed Turkey's energy.

As it is known, for years, the ethnic, religious and cultural diversities related with race were being turned into a means of conflict.

As a result of this conflictive atmosphere, Turkey spent its energy and time not for the actual agenda that had to be, but for the chaotic atmosphere that others were trying to drag it into.

The Resolution Process, which has been developed for this problem, by increasing Turkey's power in the region, will enable the country to get rid of the restrictions that imprisoned it for years and form an area where it can use all its potential.

If the process becomes successful, by both gaining great power in the political arena and by solving the Kurdish issue, the economic potential it will contribute to the country and the regional economy will make Turkey one of the most important actors in the region.

But since the beginning of the resolution process, there have been a lot of protests trying to stop it.

Finally, the suicide bombing incident in Suruç was aimed to drag Turkey into a war with Syria and leave the Resolution Process behind. Therefore, the events experienced in Suruç are actually efforts to passivize and neutralize Turkey in the region.

The real concern of those, who claim that Turkey supports ISIS, namely it is a party in the war, as a reaction to the attack in Suruç, is the disturbance they feel because of the political and economic stability that has been sustained for 13 years in Turkey.

AK Party became the target since it has been the actor providing political stability and it did not allow Turkey's destiny in the region to be written by others.

Every day, by being away from the actual agenda and having others try to drag it into a chaotic atmosphere, without losing time Turkey should establish its political stability again.


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