AK Party hit by injustice

A great fight is being put up against the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ). We are ultimately face-to-face with a movement that attempted to kill its president and attacked the main institutions of the state with jets. This is the biggest attempt in the history of the Republic. We must put up an uncompromising fight against this so we can eliminate this evil organization entirely. Important steps were taken in this fight, which has been ongoing for over a year, and a certain stage has been reached. However, serious injustices are also arising. As a result, the guilty and innocent are unclear. Through injustice, a serious perception is forming in the society. There are two segments that gain advantage from this. The first is the FETÖ supporters and they exploit the injustice to sabotage the fight. The second is carried out by anti-Justice and Development Party (AK Party) movements and the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP). These use the injustice as a tool to exhaust the AK Party and distance it from the position of power.

Meanwhile, however, there is a serious problem of injustice. The AK Party is effected most by this – both politically and sociologically. As the injustice increases sociologically, there are more among those conservative segments who become resentful of the government. Only those who join the Gülen organization’s talks, whose path crosses their bank, who are subscribers to their newspaper or who have sent their children to their schools are labeled as FETÖ supporters. Yet, many people from among the conservative and nationalist segments sent their children to the Gülen organization’s schools, subscribed to its newspaper, participated in their talks. Because in the eyes of these segments it “appeared” as a religious movement. They were serving the faith. Their children were going to school in safety. The community was also in collaboration with the religious movement dimension of this organization.

Can we evaluate all these relationships with the Gülen organization as in “cooperation”? Are those who interact with a circle that has an official title, is legal and seen as a religious community, “adherent?” Saying yes to this would lead to great injustice. Everyone will easily be accused of being a FETÖ supporter. Part of these accusations and complaints would turn into detentions and arrests. Dismissals will occur. As a matter of fact, everyone can easily be criminalized by calling them a “crypto FETÖ supporter.” An angry neighbor, a tenant who does not want to pay the rent, one who is unable to pay his debt can resort to the crypto FETÖ accusation. They are able to give ordinary reasons for this. They can reference a talk, a newspaper subscription or a child that was sent to a prep school.

For example, numerous intelligentsia from liberal, Islamist, socialist and nationalist segments attended the Abant Meeting. With the majority being AK Party members, politicians from the True Path Party (DYP), Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and the CHP attended. Are they all considered adherents now? Making FETÖ’s borders clearer here is very important in eliminating injustices. Otherwise the AK Party becomes the biggest target of these accusations. We see this in the opposition wing’s FETÖ accusations, which it does by constantly bringing up AK Party politicians’ Gülen-related discourses and relationships with the Gülen organization between 2002 and 2012.

Before anything, FETÖ includes those who are loyal to its ideas and aims through an organic relationship. It does not include those who talk about FETÖ leader Fetullah Gülen, whether positively or not, those who have been in any kind of interaction with his organization. Secondly, those who become involved in the movement’s terrorist acts, those who have a share in these relationships and those who carry these out are responsible. Those who clustered in the organization within the framework of concrete crimes such as the coup attempt, junta attempt and the stealing of exam questions, can be directly accused of having relations to terrorist activities. Hence, it is important to present FETÖ’s founding committee , those who attempted a coup (those who organized it and gave orders), those who committed illegal acts such as stealing exam questions, those who supervised monetary flow through charity meetings, and people like private imams to the judiciary and punish them. If the main aim and boundaries of the fight are determined in this way, the fight will be more serious and effective.

If the perspective of the fight against FETÖ is based on the expectations of harsh neo-nationalists rather than the principles mentioned, I guess all conservative circles would be included. Because in their eyes, all relationship types signify “co-conspirator” and are included in the circle of “cooperation.” In this case, the interlocutor of the fight and its boundaries will become unclear. Everyone will be harmed. There will be no justice or trust left. And, it will be the AK Party’s 2019 goals which will be harmed most.