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End of Americanism or the American dream

In the last year of World War II, by declaring war against Germany we announced that we were standing by the free world. We were in the "free world" when the New World Order was decided at the Yalta Conference. This was followed by the San Francisco ... more

AK Party hit by injustice

A great fight is being put up against the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ). We are ultimately face-to-face with a movement that attempted to kill its president and attacked the main institutions of the state with jets. This is the biggest attempt ... more

New Union of Islam

We need a new Union of Islam. This movement that emerged as Ottoman politics and ideology a century ago must now be revived with a new spirit. This ideology that addressed the expansive geography and vast horizon of the empire contributed to the regi... more

April 16, Turkey and Islam

We have to understand the results of the referendum through multiple readings. Because it does not tell us one thing only. It tells us many things. The most important thing it tells us is that the new Turkey has now received approval from the nation.... more

The nation's moment of truth

Nation's just like people have destinies. Thus, God addresses nations the same way that he addresses individuals in our Holy Book. He regards them as the subject, for example, he says, "the societies that think," and "the society that changes itself.... more

Why Kurds should say yes

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım spoke in southeastern Şırnak province with enthusiasm and said, "Kurds and Turks achieved victory with a common history, Turkey is our common homeland." This is a language that embraces Kurds, places them within the sam... more

Democracies: National, Conservative, Muslim

Democracies are pluralist too. Liberal democracy, social democracy, conservative democracy and Islamic democracy. At a time when especially the relationship between Islam and democracy is going to be re-established, this pluralism is even more import... more

Europe’s test with Islam

For the last two centuries, Islam has been held subject to test from head-to-toe by Europe. Europe's world system, civilization and values are dominant and Islam is made to give account against this. The modernizations in Islamic communities took pla... more

Hitting the conservatives with FETÖ

We are starting to read Turkey, incidents and the world through the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ). The reading is so widespread and extensive (some people had extended Ergenekon to the İttihat and Terakki (the Committee of Union and Progress... more

Three styles of Islam

Today, we see three styles of politics in Islamic societies. All ideological, political and social movements stand out with three styles of Islam: Traditionalism, revolutionism and revivalism. These are the mainstream movements that mobilize societie... more

The Mavi Marmara case is withdrawal; never give up

The Mavi Marmara case dropped. It had actually dropped when Turkey and Israel reached an agreement. Hence, the prosecutor referred to this too. Based on the agreement that was made, Turkey is withdrawing the cases it filed. It seems that the Mavi Mar... more

The collapse of European peace and Muslims

By temporarily freezing negotiations, the European Parliament has made a decision to the detriment of Turkey. The relation between Turkey and the European Union has been rather fragile in recent years. Because, at a time in which Turkey is suffering ... more

FETÖ's victimization lies

The period we went through showed us that the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) is especially powerful in two fields: Organization and propaganda. The organization aspect is based on the legality of confidentiality of all sorts. Lies can be told to any ex... more


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