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Most Critical Day of All

Turkey is going to the elections today. This is the fourth election in 2015. Of course, all elections cause some exhaustion. However, they are also the indicators of a live democracy. With so many numbers of various elections held within a single yea... more

The MHP and HDP are dividing the people

The Kurdish issue is a nation issue. It cannot be solved only with the domination of Turkism or Kurdism alone. The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) is pursuing the first and the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) the latter. There is a third understandi... more

Refugee Muslims and begging the “infidel”

Fifty-five million people have been displaced from their homes at the present. According to some people, 250 thousand people are living in refugee camps and shacks. People are homeless and rootless. They don't have any kind of asylum. They don't have... more

MHP's Adolescent Politics and AK Party Coalition

What MHP has been practicing is; adolescent politics. You know that adolescents have a specific psychology, which is antagonistic, a killjoy, have pimples on the face, and are trying to find a way within waves of identity crises. MHP's “we don't want... more

PKK ended the Resolution Process

The ones, who desire to turn Turkey into chaos and a war field through terror waves, are pursuing every type of evil alliance, bombing act, massacre and black propaganda. PKK slaughtered our policemen, who were sleeping in their homes, and shot our s... more

Freezing, continuation and change in the Resolution Process

First, the KCK declared that the no-conflict period had come to an end. Then, the PKK conducted various terror attacks. Now, the HPG, the armed branch of the PKK, is threatening the forest rangers by distributing manifestos. They are stating that the... more

Did AK Party stop Islamism?

I wish the Islamism arguments would continue earnestly, and don't center on the politics, Gülen-led group, rulership and money relations that surround it. Because, this frame is pulling the Islamists into the argument, rather than Islamism. It is cau... more

Who should the AK Party form a coalition with?

Everyone is chasing this question. As a matter of fact this is what the question should look like: Who should the AK Party form a coalition with and why? This is the most important issue ahead of us. Because the country needs a new government as soon... more

No stopping, moving on while keeping an eye on the road!

The recent election was quite important. Because this one was closely related with the conservatism politics, nationalisms, resolution process, new constitution and regional developments. We are required to evaluate the election results in these resp... more

Election and democracy

We're off to the ballot boxes. We will use our democratic willpower. What kind of result will the political atmosphere created by the accompaniment of parties, leaders and propagandas bring? All the technologies, an army of media and survey companies... more

HDP does not represent devout Kurds

The pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) is hung up on the issue of religion. You would think that this movement has been fighting for Islam in Turkey since the past three decades. It is as though they were the ones who brought religious freed... more

Refugization of Muslims and Turkey

Societies are becoming refugees. They are stripped away from the lands and places where they have lived for centuries. The break off is not only from the region and homeland. They also break away from their families, husbands, neighbors, siblings and... more

No life can be built from the genocide matter

Everyone is talking about a genocide. Every nation conjures up a genocide for themselves. We try to read the massacres around the world through genocide. There is a competition of genocides and a conflict of genocides. Societies are trying to find a ... more


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