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The perpetual Armenian initiative

The Pope screams genocide from the Vatican, while the European Parliament does it in Brussels. As with any other year, genocide allegations are brought to the agenda again. It is claimed that the Turks have carried out genocide against the Armenians ... more

Drivers, grooms, sons

We are currently going through a time of many debates regarding the candidates. This is the case for all parties. The debates surrounding personal chauffeurs, sons and grooms is preventing us from seeing the truths. Because what is important is the g... more

And Alevism and sectarianism and violence

“Terror's square is Okmeydan! Nurtepe! The Gazi neighborhood. The Gülsuyu neighborhood, 1 Mayis neighborhood.” These messages were spread on social media the day of the DHKP-C protests. There were a lot of similar messages. The accounts that spread t... more

Neither Insult nor Terror

Those remaining at Charlie Hebdo magazine identify themselves as Atheist, secular and French. This is the left-wing Atheism that appears in the soul of French secularism. This French-souled secularism, before anything else, originates from the histor... more

The resurgent Islamophobia

After the Cold War drew to a close, the Western World lost the political other. The Soviet Union collapsed and the otherness, which would be constructed by the threat perception of the Western political layout, had vanished. Thus, the Middle East and... more

ISIL has no theology or sociology

It seems that what ISIL spread with its terror actions is going to stirrup many debates. The question is beyond the terror since it involves fields such as sociology, theology, political sciences, Islamic movements and Islamophobia. The discussions a... more

The last emigrants of Anatolia: Syrians

There are approximately one and a half million Syrian refugees currently living in Turkey. Their life is teeming with severe hardships. First, this tragedy starts with an escape. It continues with a survival and finally ends up with an exile. In fa... more

The collapse of Gezi Sociologies

Several sociological readings on Gezi portray a great estrangement, polarization and conflict. With conceptualizations such as the "Taksim commune", certain sociologists expected utopian and revolutionary ends from it. They sought the Paris commune a... more


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